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What you do determines your legacy… — 4 Comments

  1. Damn, Scott. It’s been too long since the last post but you more than made up for it with a great post!!

    That is so spot on that there is just no real comment from me except “Yeah! What Scott said”.


  2. Dont you get it??? THEY GAVE NERDBUX AWAY, got one of their paypal accounts limited and they did NOT sell it, they even ripped off the guy who rips people off and the cheater reason is bs. You only call them haters because OLSON did. Blind follower. What is wrong with people such as you and wacker who blindly believe every word you are told. No one but your group acts this way and it is FEW. Why do you who believe them? Timtech is trashed and have no respect in this arena, and it goes for all who blindly follow them. Mark my words it is all ready happening to wacker, legacy, janelle, sunny suggs and the rest of em

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