What Do I Do Without Sports?

April 27th 2020, day 41 of quarantine and working from home….

I need a haircut… I need to go for a drive…  I want to go into the office…  but here I am, sheltered in a 2 bedroom apartment with my two kitties, sitting in front of my computer screen all day either working or watching Twitter and all the drama going on passing away the hours and what has eluded me all these weeks is that I have only made 2 blog posts during this time, and none of them have been sports related, just COVID-19 related.  So in all reality as my good friend @jongolson tells me, I have been slacking, lazy and down right stupid for not taking advantage of the situation.  I’ve posted replays of our weekly show The Sports Nerds but no posts about the sports world.  Granted, there hasn’t been much going on in the sports world the last couple of months but that hasn’t stopped our shows and we have managed to do a full 90 mins each week with no problem.

The NBA , MLB, NHL, NASCAR, PGA, Formula One, Premier League, and pretty much every other sport that usually would be going on right now has been interrupted, postponed, canceled, or forgotten.  This is a rough time for me, because as an avid sports fan, I would normally be involved in the NHL Playoffs right about now, but because of the pandemic, I have been watching a lot of Netflix, Amazon Video, and Disney+ the last few weeks.  The NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament was canceled,  MLB Opening day has been postponed, The Masters was moved to November and the only excitement that has occurred was last week’s NFL Draft, which was done remotely by all 32 teams, along with the Commissioner and the TV networks, NFLN, ESPN & ABC.  As mentioned on The Sports Nerds last night, I thought it was a spectacular success and both the NFL and all of the networks did a fantastic job in entertaining us Thursday, Friday and Saturday with their broadcast of all seven rounds of the draft.  There was drama, good stories, great background on the players, and a peek inside the home life of all 32 coaches and GM’s while they were drafting.

My Cleveland Browns did pretty well, addressing needs and getting players that can start day one, plus it appears that for the first time in years the front office and the coach are on the same page and have the same goals and objectives.  This is a fresh look on this franchise as in the past the GM and Head Coach never agreed on anything regarding the direction they wanted the team to go and were always arguing and undermining each other behind the scenes.  I am pleased with how the draft played out and look forward to the fall when hopefully we will get some football. 

There are plenty of stories out there in the sports world, too many for me to cover in one post.  I’m gonna pace myself and use the rest of this week to cover what I can, as I don’t want to be long winded in my posts.  I Have been known to create blogs that run for days, but tonight I am going to just start with this and save other topics for many more posts the rest of the week.  Please look for them to come across the blockchain as the week progresses… I hope you are all well and safe. 

Scott “The Sports Nerd” Wright

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