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  1. Okay, first off I am not a sports nerd. I love NFL even though I am a Canadian and just can’t get too excited about Canadian Football (CFL). I don’t get into all the stats or all that stuff I just watch the games and enjoy all aspects of the game.

    Secondly, in the world we live in today where just about your whole life is visible to others, and where we have a media based, not on truth but on selling advertising, which means selling bad news…nobody cares if you’ve been good, but oh boy, if you step out of line well, god help you.

    So the bad shit hits the news. Obviously this kind of abuse can’t be condoned. You hear about the drugs, the child abuse, the wife beatings…but do you hear front page coverage of an athletes good deed? No way.

    If you read Success Magazine, or look to inspirational material, then you get a totally different picture than through the ugly distorted eye of national news media.

    Yea it sucks big time that a man hauls off and hits his wife or another one beats the shit out of their child and these people need to take responsibility for what they’ve done and make amends to society for their behavior. (But I bed you big time that these instances of misdeeds are the same as or below the national average.)

    But this is blown outta proportions. I don’t watch the news except on rare occasions, because it quite literally makes people ill.

    It’s only because I hadn’t read your blog in awhile that I really paid any attention to it. Oh yes the commentators are talking about it but they have to fill dead air with something and bad is more interesting the good.

    So honestly, these issues don’t effect me or my love of the NFL and to exonerate myself as a Canadian, the NHL.

    I’ve sinned more than enough times in my life and thank my lucky stars those sins haven’t yet made national news (gulp).


  2. Well said. I agree on Goodell tarnishing his, as well as, the sport’s reputation. I thought I would never see the day where the NFL had as many lowlifes as the NBA, but maybe, that day has come.

  3. Every 9 seconds someone is the victim of domestic violence and every 4 seconds there is a child being abused. What is really wrong with this whole thing is that the damn media decides when to sensationalize something and make it news. The trouble is this too shall pass and everyone will forget about it and there will still be many victims of both crimes. Last week it was police violence. Where is all the hub bub on that this week?

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