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Been thinking all day what to write about, and for the record, I still have no idea.  but as a friend of mine once told me…  Who cares what you write about, just keep doing it, so here I am.  I have a lot of thoughts in my head about the sports world, including the current pennant and wild card races in the American League.  I keep waiting for the Twins to falter, but as we approach less than two weeks to the end of the season, my prediction that they will, eventually, be the Twins has not come to fruition, so here I sit looking at the Wild Card Race between the Indians, the Rays, and the A’s…  All I see for the future is the Indians sitting at home in October because both the Rays and A’s are playing really good baseball, and it is depressing.  The Indians are currently 5 games behind the Twins for first place in the AL Central, the Twins magic number hovers around 7 and the Indians hopes of overtaking them were dashed over the weekend when they lost 2 of 3 to the Twins in Cleveland.  As for the Wild Card, the Indians are a half-game behind the Rays in the Wild Card Race, and they have been sitting in that position for weeks.  Even after losing to the Dodgers last night, the Rays still hold that precarious lead over the Tribe…  The Indians are currently in a three-game series against the Tigers, then have a series against the Phillies on deck.  the Rays have one mo0re game against the Dodgers tonight, then face the Red Sox in a home series that begins Friday.  I don’t foresee the Indians overtaking the Twins in the division, so I have to continue to hope the A’s or Rays slip up and the Indians will take that second spot for the Wildcard.  The thing is… I am not a fan of the wildcard in MLB, because the two wildcard teams play a ONE game series to advance to face the team with the best record in the AL, and as of right now that’s the Yankees…  Not a pleasant possibility for me, but if they make it I will be happy, but as I am with the Browns, always have that feeling of dread in the back of my mind that it is all going to fall apart at some point and we will be disappointed once again.

As for the Aforementioned Cleveland Browns… After their victory Monday night I spewed about how disappointed I was in their offensive performance I was, and despite the win, and despite how good the defense looked, I look at their schedule and think to myself how it is so very likely they will be 1-6 after the next 5 games…  Sunday night they face the Rams in Cleveland, and after that follows games against Baltimore (away), the 49’ers (away on Monday night), the Seahawks (home), and then the final nail in the coffin will be a date in Foxboro against the Patriots.  The ONE thing these teams all have in common is currently, they are all undefeated.  This 5-game stretch will be the litmus test to see just how good they are, and I am nervous as hell and will be glued to my seat and watching without my rose-colored glasses each and every week.  I have been one of the few fans since the OBJ trade that has said on a consistent basis, don’t tell me how talented this team is, because the talent on paper doesn’t mean shit to me.  I have been disappointed for the last 50 years of Cleveland Browns futility, from Red-Right 88 to the Drive to the Fumble (look ‘em up, Google is your friend) that I refuse to buy into the hype.  Baker looked like a rookie in his first start Monday night and nothing I saw encouraged me to believe that this team has the offensive firepower to go up against the best teams in the league and be successful.  Not even a one-handed catch by Odell or the 89 yard TD convinced me because the remainder of the offensive production was abysmal and lethargic.  They could not move the ball in the red zone, and after scoring 6 points on their first two drives they went 0 for their next six drives Monday night.  This week and the next four weeks to follow will tell us EXACTLY where the Browns stand in the ranks of the NFL.  I am betting on mediocre at best, so I challenge Freddie and the rest of the team to prove me wrong.

HOCKEY!!!!  NHL preseason is in full swing and after last season, I am optimistic for the regular season for the Tampa Bay Lightning, but I look at what happened in the playoffs last year and I cringe with what regular-season success can do to a teams dedication, their fire, and their desperation for a run in the playoffs and if they can overcome adversity.  They didn’t have much adversity in the regular season last year and they didn’t have fire in their belly’s when the playoffs started last year.  They let a mediocre Columbus team beat them four straight, and became a meme for all top seeds that fail in the first round of the playoffs, no matter what sport.  I will root them on, I will cheer their success, but it is all about the cup, so when the playoffs come around this time, I hope they have the drive and the focus they need to succeed.  GO BOLTS!!

OK… if you have made it through this far into this post, you probably think I am a miserable old man who has no happiness in his life.  Well, that’s not true, because, despite my disappointment in the performance of my favorite pro sports teams, I do have some positive things going on.  The OSU Buckeyes are blowing opponents out in College Football, and for that I am thankful.  This team has a realistic chance to run the table and be in the College Playoff in January, I have watched both games thus far and true, their opponents have not been great, but the fact that they have a new head coach and lost a lot of key pieces to graduation and the NFL, they are a dominant team and I love watching college football on Saturdays.  I recently celebrated my 53rd birthday this past week and had the chance to spend a few hours of it with my favorite human on the planet.  She knows who she is, and if you are reading this, please know I am thankful and appreciative of how close we have remained after 12 years of knowing each other and how you have not only put up with me but how you have stood with me in good times and bad.  I love you and am thankful to have you in my life now and forever.  I am happy and content with my professional life, have a job I love, work with great people that I admire and respect, and would not want to be anywhere else than where I am at the moment. 

And with that… I will end this rambling of a die-hard sports fan…  have a good night everyone, and always remember, be kind to each other…  A lot of what is going on in the world sucks right now, but at least we have each other, and we can wake tomorrow with the rising of the sun to a new day, and a fresh start, and a positive outlook on what the future may bring…

Scott “The Sports Nerd”

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