Tom Brady

You all know I am pretty much all NFL all the time…  With that being said I would like to address the elephant in the room…  Tom Brady and his pending free agency.  All the major networks, websites, publications, and sidewalk sports experts are all trying to predict what Tom is going to do regarding his next team.  I am of the opinion that in the big picture of the NFL, in the reality of the situation, the facts boil down to this…  Tom Brady is currently 42 years old, and when the season starts he will be 43, so the fact that all of these armchair quarterbacks are drooling over where this over the hill, shade of what he used to be, NFL “goat” will land for 2020 is the #1 story in sports is laughable, to say the least.  Guys, he’s gonna be 43… Joe Montana, considered the greatest of all time by MY generation, retired when he was 39, so don’t tell me that this guy has another Super Bowl run in that old body of his, and will be able to take the grind and physical abuse that today’s NFL will bring to the table.  Brady may well be the best QB that ever played the game, but it has always been my belief that he is actually a system QB and if he had been in any other situation other than what he has had in New England, he would not have been as good.  For him to leave Foxboro and move on to another team, with an entirely new system and concept will not only be a complete failure it will totally tarnish his previous 20 years in the NFL.  Brady should stay in New England, take a one or two year max contract and retire the golden boy of the NFL for the last 20+ years.  To place him in a situation where Belichick is not looking after his best interest will be tantamount to Johnny Unitas going to the Chargers and Joe Namath going to the Rams.  It will be sad, it will be ugly, and it will be detrimental to his HOF legacy.  Tom… stay in NE… be safe… be conservative… be smart…  If NE doesn’t want to offer you a new contract, then just walk away, this is the best decision you can make.  We don’t want to see you in a different Uniform, we don’t want to see you get killed in a different system, and we most assuredly do not want to see you fail. 

I have been a Tom Brady hater for most of his career, and for me to sit here and support him staying in NE is totally opposite of what I feel emotionally, because I honestly just want him and Belichick to go away, and to never even see the playoffs again.  But part of me wants to see him walk away with dignity, and to even consider the thought of going to a different team, whether it be San Francisco, LA Chargers, or whatever is just wrong.  Do the right thing, stay in NE, it worked for Roger Staubach, Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, and Troy Aikman…  Retire or stay with the team that got you where you are, it will only be bad if you decide to go play for another team and try and repeat the success you had in New England.  Very few players have had success moving on to another team in their later years.  The fact that all the major networks are going ga-ga over where he is going to land this offseason is disgusting.  ESPN has dedicated 2/3rds of their programming over where he is going, NFL network is on the edge of their seat waiting for any news on what he is going to do.  C’mon guys, give me a break, this is worse than the current Presidential Race trying to determine who the better candidate is to beat Trump in the fall, Bernie or Biden…  The bottom line to me is if he decides to go anywhere else BUT New England, he will not be as successful, he will fail, he wil look terrible and he may even get beat up so much it will expose just how old he is to be playing this brutal game.  My advice… Stay in NE or retire… those are the only choices for this guy…

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