The Tampa Bay Lightning…and…..OUCH!!!!

Greetings one and all…  So begins day 2 of my effort to create more content until I have 20 million followers (HA!!  yeah I know… but one can dream cant they?) and am in control of the world.. MUAHAHAHAHA!!  .. (Ok.. tone it down… breathe nerd.. breathe..)  anyway,  here I am 24 hours after revealing my insecurities, my faults, my lack of production..etc.. and I have to make a post.. so lets see where this takes us…

The Tampa Bay Lightning of  The National Hockey League (Yes that’s a sport, and a real league) is on the verge of history.  They have already clinched The President’s Cup (best record in the NHL) and Home-Ice advantage throughout the playoffs, but they are in sight of finishing with the most points in NHL History(132)  and the most wins (62). they have Defenseman Nikita Kucherov looks to take the Hart Trophy (NHL MVP) and is looking to be only the second player in NHL history to score 130 points or more in a season (Guy Lafleur 1976-77).  the bolts are on the verge of history and I am here along for the ride, albeit in front of my TV, but still..  I’m all in on the Bolts and their magical season.  A shoutout to my Canadian friends Janelle and Jon..  bring us the Leafs… bring us the Habs, the Bolts are on a mission and wont be satisfied until they are hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup high in the Tampa Bay sky.  Those that forget.. the Bolts did win The Cup in 2003-04 with a 7-game victory…at home… against the Calgary Flames.. I was there…  outside the Arena (The Ice Palace back then) when they won the cup and I can vividly remember the excitement in the air when it was all over.   To Tampa, this was bigger than the Super Bowl the year before, because a team from the SOUTH (gasp!!) won The Cup and the entire hockey world was upended on its rear end…  So, GOBOLTS, and bring the cup back to Tampa once again!!

Today has been a struggle…  I woke up with a severe stiff neck and can barely move it from side to side without cringing in severe agonizing pain…  I have a tube of Biofreeze next to me… since I do not own a heating pad, I have been heating a wet towel in the microwave.  My physical therapist advised rotating heat and cold to loosen the muscles, but it has remained the same all day and I cant wait for it to just go away.  I am such a baby when I don’t feel well, as both of my ex-wives can attest (Hi Shauna!!) I just want this to go away so I an move my head.  any home remedies that can be offered are most welcome… (in the comments.. yeah.. down there.. below the post.. click “reply”)

OH!!  did I mention… the Tampa Bay Lightning are on a SEVEN game winning streak..  they defeated Carolina 6-3 last night after winning in OT the night before in Washington DC…  just sayin…  Go BOLTS!!

Day two of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament and I still have no idea what’s going on.. I know the first two rounds are this weekend… then we have the sweet sixteen… the the final four… then MASTERS WEEK!!  For those that do not know me.. I usually take a vacation during the week of the Masters (Golf People… PGA…Augusta National)  and this year is no different.  I will be off Wednesday through Sunday and will have nothing on my TV and computer except the sights and sounds of what is the first Major Championship of the year, the best venue, the best course and the best tournament.  I love it.. cant get enough.

OH!! have I mentioned that the Tampa Bay Lightning have a more devoted fanbase and following in this area than the Bucs and Rays COMBINED???  Amalie Arena seats about 20,000 and it is filled to the roof each and every home game during the season (That’s about 41 games not counting playoffs).  Not bad for a southern city and a NORTHERN sport…

Opening day of MLB is right around the corner and although most might be excited about it, I am not so optimistic.. as long as the Yankees and Red Sox continue to spend hundreds of millions per season to load their roster, the Indians have NO CHANCE.  I wish Cleveland was a more attractive destination for Major League Players, but if you aren’t in New York, Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles, you don’t have a chance.  This is what is wrong with baseball in my opinion, the big markets have all the money and the owners that are willing to break the bank for a championship, while the smaller market teams aren’t willing to take that risk..  MLB needs a salary cap..  just saying..

Have I said GO BOLTS lately? 

Finally tonight, we come to the most awaited report in the history of politics.. the Mueller report was sent to The Attorney General of The United States today.  I don’t hold out any hope that Cheeto-in-Chief will be indicted, nor do I think Mueller will directly go after his lard ass, but I do think that there will be bread crumbs offered to the SDNY District Attorney that will lead to the oh so deserving jail term of the most corrupt, misogynistic liar-in-chief in the history of this country.  No matter what the report says, he will claim it exonerates him of all “collusion” charges, that he is proven right all along and that it was all one big giant “witch hunt”.  I got new for you donnie… this is just the beginning.  You have profited off the office, your children have profited from the office and you will say and do anything to continue that trend.  the Oval office isn’t your personal piggy bank, its where you were placed to SERVE the people, not the other way around.  You have lied, you have manipulated and you have bribed more people in your lifetime than I have had to take a dump…  Your time is coming.. and this report is just the tip of the iceberg…

Have a good night all…  GO BOLTS!!

Scott – The Sports Nerd


The Tampa Bay Lightning…and…..OUCH!!!! — 2 Comments

  1. So. Opening day is long passed. You poor people on the east coast that still think Spring Training is in Florida are so poorly informed 🙂

    Seattle leads all of MLB and has for several days now. I’m sure that’ll end soon, but it’s nice right now.

    I’ll say it for you “Fear the Bolts.” “Play the Hawks” (if they even make the playoffs.)

    Thursday is the day you are looking for. Or at least it’s the day I’m looking for… I hope you are well enough to watch 🙂

    • Mr Wright is so hard core Masters that he’s excited about the hole in one competition on Wednesday. Can’t forget that (or were you talking baseball?). I did be brave this year and tried a NCAA tournament bracket. 25-7 so far. Fair to partly cloudy. Oh, and GO BOLTS!

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