The Sports Nerds are spreading their wings…

sitting here watching the Lightning taking on Columbus in game 3 of their first round series in the NHL playoffs.  it is 1st period…  6 minutes to go, and it is tied 0-0.  first day o a weeks vacation, I will be here at home, not going anywhere, just chilling at home.  I have some home projects I want to get taken care of so I will be spending a lot of my time doing that, but I am off for 9 days total and will be resting, refocusing, and attempting to get to a good place during this pandemic.  Breaking in a new  keyboard and mouse as well (mechanical) so typos will be prevalent until I get used to it. 

I don’t have a lot of sports on my mind today so I will try and focus on other things going on.  I am concerned with the..  GOAL!!!!! TB up 1-0… USPS and the appearance of the federal governments attempt to sabotage the election…  It is a real issue, and I wil be following this issue closely as we get closer to election day…  be advised that I will probably speak up as we get near  November, and I know I won’t be alone… there are so many issues and events taking place across the country that sports seems to be the least of our concerns.  Yes it is good to see the majority of sports return, and it is better for our sanity that we have sports to take our minds off the rest of the bad news going on.  But I wont deviate from the news, nor have a blind mind knowing that we are in a critical time in our history. 

With that being said…  I would like to promote our show tomorrow night, The Sports Nerds are expanding their platform beginning with our epic show tomorrow night when we welcome Ron “Hockeypedia” Gallo to the show as a special guest to talk about the Stanley Cup Playoffs and do some trivia.  He is the in-rink announcer for the Prince George Spruce Kings of the British Columbia Hockey League – a minor league hockey team in Canada.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Ron for several years and he has been a guest and supporter of The Sports Nerds for a long time.  Ron has forgotten more about hockey than I wil lever know, and it will be an honor to have him on the show tomorrow night.  In addition to having Ron on the show, we are also rolling out our expanded broadcasting platform. 

For the last few months our show has only been available on Face Book Live, through Zoom, but this week we are proud to roll out three more platforms where you can watch…  In addition to Face Book, we wil also be available on My YouTube channel, Periscope (Twitter) and VIMM on the #HIVE blockchain.  This move is to to expand our visibility and to reach more viewers.  I am hoping this will take the Nerds to another level in regards to exposure, so please get the word out and join us tomorrow night at 7pm eastern for 90+ minutes of sports talk and a great guest that Ron will provide in regards to content.  See the links a the bottom of this post to watch the show tomorrow and I hope to see you all there.

Later Nerds…

Sports Nerds 8.13.2020 - Ron Gallo






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