The Last 24 Hours in the world of Sports (kind of)

Well you know how to saying goes.. The best-laid plans of mice and men go awry.  I had fully intended on starting my blog series..  “The Last 24 Hours” as mentioned in my previous post, but there was a migraine that got in the way of my plans.  I was out of it yesterday, the day I planned to start this series, by a migraine that festered itself from last Sunday night into Monday.  I left work before 2:00 pm and was in bed for a majority of the remainder of the day, therefore was in no condition to sit in front of a bright monitor and pound a keyboard for an hour or so.  With all of that being said, here I am at 6pm on a Tuesday night creating a column for what happened over the weekend in sports, as well as what happened yesterday.

First lets get the 1000 pound gorilla out in the open.  I am not a fan of Soccer, I hate the game it is too slow, boring and just not my cup of tea.  However there is this thing called a The World Cup going on in Russia and everyone I come across lately can not talk about any other sport right now.  I guess that is because the NFL is in the offseason, the MLB hasn’t reached the All-Star break yet and the NBA and NHL just wrapped up their seasons, the NBA of course was anti-climatic due to a four game sweep by Golden State of the Cavaliers, while the Stanley Cup was won by the Washington Capitals in dramatic fashion, earning the first ever Championship for a DC team since the Redskins won the Super Bowl in the early 90’s.  So for the record, England is taking the tournament by storm, there are discussions of Messi and Renaldo (if the spelling is wrong, I don’t care) an exciting match between Senegal and Japan on Sunday, (per my friend Jon) and we still have to get to the “knockout stage” of the tournament. **sigh**  ok that’s my take on the World Cup..

So the biggest story in the NBA is of course, where will LeBron go?  Well, as a sports fan that was born in NE Ohio and lived my first 12 years as a human there, as well as having family still living there nearly 40 years later, I don’t care.  He can stay, he can go, he can retire, it doesn’t matter.  Why? you say? because the NBA is an awful representation of the game of basketball.  The sport is full of egos, showoffs, and guys that don’t care about playin a pure team game and only interested whether or not they are going to make Sports Center’s top 10 that night.  Don’t get me wrong, these guys are phenomenal athletes, and they can do things I was never able to do with a basketball, but the fact of the matter remains I just can’t get into today’s NBA.  I am more of a purist, I miss the days of Bird, Magic, Kareem, and Jordan.  With that being said, the hype is that LeBron is going to LA, and if that happens, then the Lakers will lose to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals every year for the foreseeable future.  I think he should stay in the Eastern Conference, because his game is more suited to Eastern conference type of play.  It is a more physical game in the Eastern Conference, and that is suited perfectly for how he plays the game. 

Now that I have completely alienated all of my Soccer and NBA readers, lets move on to other happenings.  Congratulations to Bubba Watson on his come from behind victory at the Traveler’s Championship on Sunday.  Coming from six shots behind Paul Casey at the start of the day, Watson shot a final round 63, and wins the Traveler’s for the third time in his career.  Casey had a chance to run away with it but two errant drives down the stretch sealed his fate.  Congrats to Bubba, he earned it and had a great finish to wrap up the tournament.  In Major League Baseball, a woman was hit in the face by a “hot dog cannon” in Philadelphia over the weekend.  The Phanatic shot a duct tape wrapped hot dog into the stands at a Phillies game, hitting a woman who was unable to defend herself because of a bum shoulder and it gave her a black eye.  The woman said that she was not angry and would not press charges, thus making it a non-story, but ESPN and the other networks made a point to rehash it over and over again all weekend long, thus showing how slow the sports news cycle is with 3 of the 4 major sports leagues in their offseason. 

Finally in the NFL, Julian Edelman is going to appeal his suspension for violation of the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy, to no surprise to anyone.  The problem here is that the NFL can’t tell him what it is they found in the test, and that in and of itself is a red flag in my book.  I am no fan of the Patriots, but this is something that I have a problem with.  Edelman has a right to know what he is accused of taking, and because the NFL doesn’t know, that the positive result was for a substance that wasn’t immediately recognizable tells me that they are fishing without a lure, trying to dig something up and now that Edelman is calling them on it, they are going to have a fight on their hands they didn’t expect.  Edelman is arguing the mishandling of the paperwork and and delivery of the testing sample.  They call it the Ryan Braun defense, and I for one, am looking forward to it.

And with that… I leave you until tomorrow…

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