The Indians cant hit….

The last few days have really tested my patience…  I got called out the last time I made a serious political post on my personal blog, my host got some nasty emails and since then I have been behaving myself.  I respect him too much to expose him to harassment from the nut jobs out there that have an issue with free speech.  With all of that being said, I just want to say that we have less than 100 days til the election and 4 years ago we all felt there was no way she could lose, that there was no way he could win the elections  Well it happened, and with the announcement this week of the ticket, no matter how strong it appears to be, we need to be vigilant and not get to complacent, so all I have to say without getting controversial is to vote, don’t listen to polls, don’t listen to media, and by all means if you are registered, VOTE!  The future is too important and I encourage all Americans to vote your conscience.  That’s all I have to say about that because any deeper and my host will be getting another email…

Now that my politics side has had it’s say, it is time to get to the meat and potatoes of this post…

I am in the mood to rant about the Cleveland Indians tonight, major league baseball and the fact the team that has the 2nd lowest ERA in the entire league are also, the worst hitting team in the major league.  The Indians only trail the St. louis Cardinals in opponent bating average, and the Cardinals have only played 5 GAMES!!!  Yet the lineup cant hit their way out of a wet paper bag.  They have a .195 batting average as a team, and they have been able to score 2 or more runs in just 7 of 19 games since the season started.  they are inept, they are dismal, and for a team loaded with so much talent they have not lived up to their potential.  Can we please be reminded this is a 60-game season and 162 games?  it is a sprint not a marathon and the Indians bats need to wake up. 

With Plesac and Clevinger now on the Restricted list because they could not stay in their hotel rooms in Chicago, the pitching staff may now be in trouble, and that is the only thing that has been keeping the Tribe in games over this horrendous hitting stretch.  With Tito back with the team after his health scare I hope he can light a fire under these guys and get them in a groove.  They have a weekend series coming up against the Tigers in Detroit, maybe facing an awful team (despite being one game behind them in the division) will get their bats going. 

Five things that are on my mind tonight… (despite the Indians)

    • Nebraska Football is thinking about playing anyway despite the Big 10 canceling the season.  If they do that will they be thrown out of the conference?  Not that they have ever been close to a Big 10 championship, so does it even matter?
    • the NBA and NHL have succeeded in a bubble… could the NFL and MLB institute a bubble for the playoffs and could they make it work?
    • Augusta National has stated they will not have fans at The Masters in November, will that detract the importance or the excitement without the weekend roars we are so used to hearing in past years?
    • The Phoenix Suns are undefeated in the bubble… 8-0 and are on the brink of making the NBA playoffs for the first time in 10 years
    • (For Jon) – The Toronto Raptors are STILL the NBA Champions

Have a good night Nerds….


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Sports Nerds 8.13.2020 - Ron Gallo

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