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The Future of this Blog and SNN — 4 Comments

  1. LOL Dude trust me….I know all about putting content out there and having only 5 people show up. But I’ve come to the realization, that even though I may not attract hundreds, I’m doing my content for the right reasons.

    It will attract the right people.

    Same with Sports Nerds. A platform is just a tool, the community is key. So I’d recommend something like Facebook and while you can use BeLive to get 3 people up on cam at once, it’s still free and leverages the biggest social platform on planet earth with Facebook.

    Not perfect, but an option for sure.

  2. I agree with Jon, to an extent! He brings He brings up so many good points! It’s all about the right reason and why you keep doing it. Not so much the fanbase. Platforms come and go, as we have seen, but I get your point on looking at other options and doing some testing. Sad to see Derek go, but it is his choice. I’m with ya bro thru the good and bad, you just tell me where we going to be and I’m with ya!!

  3. I am not the most regular Sports Nerd, but I may be among your most regular readers… I think the content has value even though you aren’t mass market.

    I have no idea the platform to use. I can’t see anything that really fills the needs that (we) you have.

    When all is said and done, I’m still backing and believing in you…

  4. Very well said and I just wanted to add a couple things. I love SNN and I enjoy doing the show with Scott and Big E every week. Nick and I have some changes going on in our personal lives and we had to make some tough decisions about how much time we were going to commit to fantasy football each week and how to best utilize that time.

    I’m looking forward to appearing the next three weeks and helping be part of a great show. I think Scott, is 100% right, the biggest obstacle for the show is not content, it’s the platform. Crowdcast does not allow for the viewership that Blab had. I think if you guys can find a platform that is more conducive to building a community of viewers, I think you have a great thing going. I regret that the Maniax are not going to be a part of that transition, but I wish you guys nothing but the best of luck.

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