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So begins the 2019 NFL season.  I have a lot on my mind as we stand here a little over one hour from kickoff of the 100th season in the NFL.  There are plenty of stories, drama and predictions going on out there, and tonight we begin yet another season full of hope for 32 teams, but unfortunately, only one team will walk away with the Lombardi Trophy in February.  As you might expect, I love this time of year, because not only is the NFL season upon us, but College Football kicked off its season last week, and in about a month’s time the NHL season will begin – GO BOLTS – as well as the fall classic – Baseball Postseason will arrive.  But allow me to focus on those three latter events  on a future post, because tonight’s post is all about the NFL.

Tonight we kick it off with Chicago and Green Bay, a fitting way to start the NFL’s 100th season but with the longest standing rivalry between two of the most storied franchises in the history of the league.  “The Monsters of the Midway” vs “The Cheeseheads”, if you want to be corny, but in fact in reality, the 2019 version of these :”historic” teams are but mere shadows of what their franchises represent in the history of the NFL.  This isn’t Lombardi’s Packers nor are they even the Packers of the 90’s with Brett Favre or even the most recent championship team.  The Pack changed their head coach in the offseason, and Aaron Rogers is running a completely new offense, of which he has yet to see even one snap under game conditions (he didn’t play in preseason).  The Bears on the other hand are in year two of the Mitchell Trubisky era, as well as year two of Khalil Mack anchoring a dominant defense that overperformed last year but was unable to overcome the inexperience of their rookie QB and first-year head coach.  It’s a great headline to offer up these two teams for the opening night in the NFL, but as the season progresses, one or maybe even both of these teams will be average at best.

Ok, with all of that out of the way, let me get to the point of this post.  I am in a mood, especially after what I witnessed today in Oakland…  I wasn’t actually physically in Oakland, but I caught the highlights on “SportsCenter” after work today, as well as reading my Twitter feed and FB timeline as to what occurred in Oakland.  Seems the “Diva In Chief” has a problem with being fined for not participating in practice, in making himself not available, sitting at home taking a bath in his gold tub, counting his millions or whatever else he does when he isn’t on the field (thinking about coloring his hair or mustache again?).  After posting the letter sent to him by GM Mike Mayock advising him that he would be fined $54,000 for missing “team activities” he got into an altercation with said GM today at practice.  According to Adam Schefter, it did not turn physical, but witnesses stated that AB threatened to hit Mayock in the face.

It is no secret that I am not an AB fan, nor do I have any sympathy for him in regards to his current situation, simply put, as a life-long fan of the Cleveland Browns, all of the recent drama going on in Oakland warms my cold heart.  AB has brought this upon himself with off the field antics, and for once, the Oakland Raiders are not to blame for this fiasco.  From the frost-bitten feet, to the issues with his helmet to today’s fireworks, AB has only himself to blame, and I am more than happy to sit back and watch him implode and lose his chance at the Hall of Fame career that, up until today, he deserved.  I believe he will one day be knows as the most overrated WR in the history of the NFL, simply because he caused more drama than TO in his heyday.

I have a lot more to say about the 100th NFL season, but I will save that for the coming days leading up to Sunday…  Stay Tuned…  The Sports Nerd is coming out of hibernation…

Thanks for reading… and remember to be nice to each other…

Scott “The Sports Nerd”

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