Tamp Bay is Hockey Town!!

Happy Monday everyone!!  The title of this post in not a Typo, far from it, because don’t look now, but the Tampa Bay Lightning have the best record in the NHL, including record and points.  With a record of 44-11-4 and 92 points going into tonight’s game against Columbus, the Bolts are the leagues best team.  Most of you may not think of Tampa when you look at the sport of Hockey, I mean after all, we don’t ever see a flurry of snow in Florida , the last time it snowed down here was 1977, I was 10 years old.  The temperature hardly ever reaches 30 degrees, and we don’t know how to work a snow blower or snow shovel, let along a widow scraper for the windshields when ice forms.  On the occasionally rare event that we do get frost on the windshield, we take out our credit card and scrape it off. 

Now that I am done bragging about the climate in FL, let me make an important fact-based announcement.  The Tampa Bay Lightning have a more dedicated fan-base than the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Tampa Bay rays COMBINED.  Amalie Arena seats 20,000+ and it is filled to capacity each and every home game during the season.  even when they aren’t sitting at the top of the standing in their division, the fans flock and root them on.  The lightning provide a great fan experience, there isn’t a bad seat in the house and it always helps when the team is doing well.  This area is hockey crazy and they are a welcome alternative to the otherwise underperforming Bucs and Rays.  I love this team and it is one of the few things I love in  the sports world once the NFL season is over.  So… GO BOLTS!!

Second and final subject this fine Monday, is the Daytona 500.  Congrats to Denny Hamlin on winning his second 500 in four years.  he avoided a late race 17+ car pileup with9laps to go and then several other minor crashes in the final laps to seal the win.  Joe Gibbs Racing went 1-2-3 in the Race and that was poignant as not a month ago, Joe Gibbs’ eldest son J.D. Gibbs passed away from a neurological disorder.  J.D. was the co-founder of Gibbs Racing and ran the company when Papa Joe went back to Football for a time.  So congrats to JGR and the #11 Denny Hamlin.  This will be the last post about NASCAR until next February when Daytona runs again. 

I’m planning my viewing schedule over the course of the next 6 months and will be focused on March Madness, PGA golf with TPC Sawgrass in March, The Masters in April (Along with the NFL Draft), PGA Championship in May, The US Open in June, The Open Championship in July, followed by the FED Ex playoffs in August, all of which leads into the 2019 NFL and NCAA football season.  I plan to post about all of it along the way, as well as some MLB and whatever else may come to mind, so buckle up, here we go…

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