No, I will NOT just shut up and dribble…

There are several topics I would much rather be writing about than social justice…  The NHL Playoffs are in full swing, coming off a high last night where the Lightning won in dramatic fashion against the hated Bruins in OT, … Continue reading

I have no words… but with this post… I’ll try

Well, here we are…  The President of the United States threatened to place the US Military on the streets of every city in the country to quell the protests going on, MOST of which are peaceful, because he wants to … Continue reading

COVID-19 and how it has affected me…

So, long time no talk… I have been quiet outside of a few FB posts and tweets over the last month simply because I honestly haven’t been able to actually grasp the enormity of our situation here in the US … Continue reading

Parkland… One year later

The Parkland shooting from a year ago continues to affect the victims from that day.  Recently it was reported that Sydney Aiello, a survivor of Parkland, took her own life as a result of Post traumatic stress form the shooting.  … Continue reading