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So I made the mistake of bringing up politics on Facebook — 11 Comments

  1. Few things….

    As a Canadian, I find American politics hilarious. You guys get so bent out of shape over a flag it’s fascinating. As the great George Carlin once said (and I’m paraphrasing)….”Too much pride for a flag. Too much pride will ruin ya. Never forget Proverbs 16:18.”

    That being said. I get it. No side was gonna be happy with however was in power. Some people will hate on Trump, others on Hilary.

    But the divide that has been created…As an outsider looking in…Is scary. You guys are becoming your own worst enemy. The hatred between races, political backgrounds, religious beliefs…I can’t ever remember it this bad in my 40 years on planet earth.

    And sorry Scott, but I agree with Robert. Complaining about the guy isn’t going to do anything. He’s been voted in, and that’s democracy. By the rules of your land, he’s the president.

    You don’t have to like him, and I get it…The guy seems built for late night TV rather than the office but still…He really, doesn’t hurt or hinder your every day life. I know my Prime Minister doesnt do a thing for me, but everyone seems to love the guy. Doesn’t make a single ounce of difference who is in power….Wanna change the world, let’s change ourselves and how WE choose to live daily.

    Back to Trump….To be brutally honest, I can’t keep up with who he’s pissing off from day to day…So yeah, I completely understand the views of people that are sick of him lol

    Oh hell, I’m Canadian….Let me grab my popcorn and keep watching this mess 🙂

  2. Jon,

    thanks for commenting, and while I agree with how he won’t affect how I live my life, and I will continue doing what I have been doing in regards to my day-to-day life and career, it is my right as am American to complain about the leaders we have elected into office, it may not change anything, but I will continue to voice my opposition. Actually, my biggest complaint is what Congress has become, and to that, I can change it with my vote and I will continue to do so…. Thanks!!

    • Absolutely. And the beautiful thing about democracy is that you are allowed to voice your opinion and are free to do it without the fear for being prosecuted. Bravo for speaking up man. I know politics can be…A heated debate.

      And like you, I vote on policy, much more than party.

  3. I posted this on Facebook, but will post it here
    One should never be afraid to express ones political opinion, It is after all letting people know your perspective that allows for change to begin.
    Narrow minded people will attack and offer nothing more than derogatory rhetoric.
    The reality is that there is some serious stuff happening that is heading towards a flash back from the 50’s and that cannot be good.
    From a world perspective Scott, there is a lot of laughing going on, albeit veiled laughter at the facy that something monumentally stupid could happen that will effect the worldwide community, but laughter none the less.

    Yes one has to get on with the process of day to day living, however when things start to happen that threaten the existence of freedom within day to day living, then that is the time to express your opinion.

    America has sent itself backwards a few generations and is coming across as a very weak willed community that is allowing something very extraordinary to happen.
    I am not sure what is required before someone is seen to be doing the wrong thing when it comes to “running a country” but how much farcical stuff does this guy have to do before he is removed.

    The world watches, has placed the US on the sidelines and deleted any credibility that it may have had out of the trash can as well.

    America is Great Again, to itself, but as far as world credibility ??? it is a shame that all the good work has been undone.

    • It is redeemable, It is how America now responds to this that will determine how the world responds to America.

      However the response needs to be considered and decisive not ill conceived and divisive

  4. The problem with “Shut up and get over it” is that it goes against everything American. We are Americans and we love our Free Speech and with that in mind speaking your mind on policies you do not like or want to change is how you change them. Should we keep quiet and ignore Lake O? Should we keep quiet and ignore the KKK? You keep quiet on things you like that are not threatened. When you shut up and keep quiet you give permission to keep going down the road you are on. Complacency is permission. So no Do not Shut up. If you do not like the policies, possible criminal acts and the like coming out of this Administration make your voice heard do not give your permission through silence. Telling someone to “Shut up and get over it” is at best rude at worst it is trying to silence you and get “permission” through inaction. Do not shut up. Be heard. And Never give permission to policies you do not like through silence.

    • Joe (j’Alex)

      AS I mentioned in the original post, I will continue to criticize, mock, make fun of, and hold him accountable as the President of the United States. The responsibility of holding that office comes with expectations, and thus far he has not lived up to them. Thanks for your perspective on this.

      By the way… in case you want to feel old… your namesake, my son, is 23 now..

      Just thought you should know….lol

  5. I wasn’t going to do this, but I find myself with spare time. Thus, here it comes. Yes, the Libs have been butt-hurt since Hillary lost the election. Cry about the popular vote all you want, but that is how the ‘Constitution’ is written. DEAL WITH IT! My beef, and the beef of millions of registered voters, is the political elite establishment. The Chuck Schumer’s, John McCain’s, Nacny Pelosi’s, Paul Ryan’s and the rest of wretched corrupt that stink up the Capital Building. Their behavior since Donald Trump won the election, is not a reflection of their politics. It is a reflection of their FEAR. That is right, I said FEAR. Here it comes, a Star Wars reference: “All those who gain power are afraid to lose it.” If someone like Hillary Clinton can lose an election in which she was pitted up against Donald Trump, the rest of them are scrambling. The reactions have been different across the board, but it is all in fear of losing their next election to someone who has never held a political office before. I say GOOD! We need fresh ideas and new blood in Congress. The ‘established’ way of doing things is coming to an end. The so-called ‘weakened’ nation is not because of what one person temporarily residing at 1600 Pennsylvania is doing. It is the result of pointless bickering among the establishment in Congress that gets nothing done. They haven’t gotten anything done in a long time. They ‘claim’ to be doing this ‘for’ and ‘in the interest’ of the American people. Bullshit! They do what they do for self-preservation and self-interest. You can’t tell me that John McCain or Chuck Schumer have any fucking clue what Americans go through on a day to day basis. Both are old enough that they should be spending their days in a retirement home playing Gin and shuffleboard. Not all are like this. I give kudos to Republican Representative Jason Caffetz from Utah. He recently announced he would not be running for re-election to his seat in Congress and returning to the private sector. This is a glowing example of what those who get elected should follow.
    Occasionally, I will lash out at some of the established politicians on Twitter. Who knows if they read it. But when I see them make an overtly stupid comment, I can’t help but call them out. Enter Maxine Waters. How this person keeps getting re-elected is beyond me. She recently said she would have supported the firing of James Comey if Hillary had done it. But she doesn’t becuase Trump did it. WTF? All those Dems that called for his firing are now pissy about it. Well, I am here to tell you that yes, he should have been fired. A long ass time ago. Why? He inserted himself into the controversy and became the controversy. If the head of any Agency becomes the focal point of any controversy, they are no longer doing their job. They have failed at their job and need to be held accountable. Comey screwed up. And it started with his press conference last July. He never should have done it. That wasn’t his job. The FBI has the responsibility for ‘investigating’. Their finding in an investigation are presented to Justice Department. Their personnel are responsible for determining whether or not charges should be brought against the subject of the investigation. This is how any law enforcement agency conducts investigation and prosecution. I’ll be honest, Comey isn’t the only one that should be or have been fired. When the head of an agency is continually testifying before Congress for other than normal briefings, there is a problem. Someone isn’t keeping their house in order. New leadership is needed. A person I would like to cite as an example is former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Hugh Shelton. During his tenure, which ended shortly after 9/11, you rarely saw him in the public eye. When you did see him in press conferences, it was with SecDef. The man was the consummate professional. Probably from his time as a Commander in Special Forces. I personally had the honor of serving under General Shelton during my service in the military. I can say without a doubt, his example of leadership and getting the job done had a profound impact.(Of course, I don’t go ‘unheard’….LOL).
    Comey’s firing by Trump is an example of accountability. Not cover up. This nation, has become one in which it is not the individual’s fault for their actions anymore. Someone else is to blame. No one is held responsible and accountable. And yes, if Trump fucks up, he should be held accountable as well. But so far, he hasn’t done anything that warrants Maxine Waters cries for impeachment. We need to get back to holding people accountable. For every action, there is a consequential result. Good actions need to be rewarded. Bad actions need to be punished. We can start by keeping score in youth sports. Our youth can learn more about life when they lose a game than they can when they all get the same trophy for participating.
    They won’t get ‘butt-hurt’ when they don’t get their way.

  6. I agree with most of what you are saying Arnie, and we have had discussions about these issues on the show. I will respectfully disagree with you on the reasons surrounding Comey’s firing. Trump has stated publicly that he fired Comey over the investigation over his ties to “The Russian investigation”. I agree he should have been fired by Obama, but the same issue would have come up, as to the “timing” of the firing. trump is getting blasted by both the left and the right as to how coincidental the firing is, and if Obama had fired Comey after he did what he did in October, he would have been blasted for the same thing Trump is now. Again, let me be clear, I agree Comey should have been fired for the exact reasons you stated, but the reason it is getting so much heat is because of the timing.

    Thank you for engaging in this, I know we have mutual respect for each other and that although we are on separate sides of the political spectrum, it has not affected our friendship. I look forward to your return to the show, we have missed you.

  7. “Timing” is an excuse for anyone to give a reason for their displeasure. No matter when a politician does something, if someone wants to attack that politician, they will default to ‘timing’. When the dust settles on all this, I guarantee that the one thing that will come out of this, is that taxpayer dollars were wasted and Congress will continue to get nothing done. Waste of time and waste of taxpayer dollars.

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