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  1. WTG Scott Rhonda is a sweetie and a good friend also. I noticed her great talent soon after she came online… and you are right she is constantly working to give her customers the BEST… She has been doing all of my splashes almost from day one.. and I get Great results with her splashes……

    And as Jon always says u have to stick out like a sore thumb…. and lots of time those mistakes are made on purpose….. TO GET ATTENTION……. Brenda

    • WTG SCOTT! RHONDA PIZOR IS WITHOUT ANY DOUBT THE BEST SPLASH PAGE MAKER ON THE INTERNET! I have been using Rhonda’s expertise since I found her online since day one and have got GREAT results from her artistic Splash Pages, Banners and she even redesigned my whole Traffic Exchange for me that has received so many great comments. Rhonda is very professional and has a very keen sense of designing what you want. She is the best and I will always use her for any Splash Page, Banner or Site Design in the future. Also I DITTO the great comment from Lisa Ann Woods.

  2. THANKS for the great post Scott. I 100% agree. I started using Rhonda as soon as I saw her great work. She consistantly and QUIETY kept putting out great work and people took notice. She DID NOT have to keep spamming other folk’s spree casts nor did she have to attack other folks work. Her work spoke for it’s self and others naturally started promoting it for her, because they saw the talent. Not because she continuously demanded affirmation at inappropriate times. I personally would never use the person whom you are speaking of for graphics because quite frankly they suck but also because her tactics turned me off. With her article she now has changed the way I will answer folks that ask me where to find a good designer. I no longer will just say go to Rhonda I will follow it with ” be sure to stay away from ……

  3. Good post, Scott. I actually just addressed the situation over at Tom’s blog and though I usually try not to post the same multiple places, I have nothing to add other than what I already said, which was this:

    I just find it all sad and disappointing, mainly because other than politicians that sling mud and negativity at each other directly every chance they get, I don’t think directing negativity at one’s competition ever gets one anywhere except bringing negativity back on yourself. It doesn’t serve any purpose except to make the mudslinger look bad.

    I don’t even think mudslinging really works all that well for politicians either, FWIW. Someone that’s doing nothing but pointing out the opposition’s shortcomings or other negative things doesn’t make me want to vote for them at all.

    I think it works in all aspects of society – I’m interested in what someone is doing, but not very interested if they have to resort to pointing out what they perceive their opposition or competition is doing wrong in order to try to make themselves look good or better… and unfortunately that tactic generally has the opposite effect. 🙁

  4. Wow Scott… I have to ask what idiot or dumbass, whichever is best suited (take your pick) decided it was good idea to draw so much attention something like this. I have hired Rhonda many times to do work for me and as with every person I hire I get a final proof to approve or request changes so ultimately any errors that would be present fall upon my shoulders if I am too lazy to check for them.

    I cannot imagine someone would ever attempt to make her look bad. I do not know anyone that has been more enjoyable to work with as Rhonda Pizor. The fact is she has always produced quality work for me. I get exactly what I ask for and approve of.

    It is obvious to me that whomever it is has made a desperate attempt to further themselves off Rhonda’s reputation and am sure this person is getting more attention now than they have in their entire life by doing so. Good or bad I bet it is the attention they desire. Some people are just really needy like that and have nothing else that they can truly call their own.

    Anyway, I just figured I would chime in man. Great post Scott and you rock Rhonda Pizor. In case your wondering I like dumbass best. 😛


  5. Thank you Scott for your support and your never ending friendship. Yes, it has been a trying couple of days with all this negativity and constant controversy being thrown at me. I will never understand why any individual finds it appropriate to belittle others and try to further themselves by taking cheap shots against others no matter what the subject may be.

    I have tried reasoning with this individual to no avail, she seems to thrive on controversy with jealousy and petty attempts to undermine my character and business over a spelling error. I was raised with morals and ethics that would never allow my to publicly humiliate or degrade any person in such a public format. Did I make a spelling error somewhere along the line, yes it is quite possible I did. but I assure you that my customers know all they have to do is bring it to my attention and I would be more then willing to correct that error and offer them due compensation for my mistake. I never claimed to be perfect, I m human just like the rest of us.

    I have received a great deal of support regarding this situation from friends, customers and peers. I thank each and everyone of you, it is greatly appreciated and very heart warming to know I have built such amazing relationships with each of you whether it be on a business or friendship level.

    Brenda, Lisa, Lynn, Matt … My humble gratitude for your support 🙂

  6. For your information, I never mentioned Rhonda Pizor or the name of her business. I also removed the blog post when asked. But it’s not deleted, I could reinstate it, and you’ll see that her comments were not good. I never called anyone names. There are also other people out there selling design and making numerous spelling mistakes. Rhonda is just one of them. She’s the designer who decided to respond.

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