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  1. Nice Post Scott
    and this is why I just stay having the Frivolous Fun that I always intend to have,
    For me CTP Teams is Fun and for my Team Mates it is also “Fun”for those team mates that it wasnt fun, well they defected to some other team that thinks CTP Teams is all about them, lol

    When things no longer become Fun, when things become an all consuming force and when things no longer give the joy and happiness that stress free living gives “THEN GIVE IT UP ÏT IS NOT FOR YOU” ( and that is the generic you, no one person in particular)

    I see too many people and so called leaders in this industry, playing Marvin the Paranoid Android.

    Get back into what it should be about, Fantastic Frivolous Fun.

    even in Business you can have Fun, it is allowed

  2. Seems a bit of rivalry has touched some tender spots….and a team consists of 25 strong….a leader is a support beam if you will,….then there are cheerleaders,…or a team ‘mascot’ if you will…..

    I review things being said,..and now adding names,..as to all what has been said…amounts to same ….’fairness’ to all……how can that really be handled properly?

    My final thought once again will be that the 3 teams that shared in the prize award….which of any member said ‘Thank you’ publicly or on Patrick’s blog?

    It feels ‘good’ to win, granted,..and not so good to be close, time and time again ( I played on a basketball team and now enjoy Volleyball )

    thinking about the ‘fairness’ issue….you wish to keep all same ‘players’…and deal with the high bonus issue,…(kingships are free for the taking anyway)…take that away,..and if keep all same players…..then we get into the issue of K4,…and a newer member or folks that are strapped for any number of reasons,….will not have this 4 x bonus advantage,..and so on and so forth…..

    glass houses….showing off,…whose is bigger issue….really nice touch,..when there are team players on any given team,..that have real health challenges,…and some difficult family issues…..is life fair?…..not so much,..and anytime money is involved,…things tend to get ‘wild’ for guys and their respective teams in general….what the ‘mood’ is…can be ‘anticipation’….let us all ‘do our best’…and together on any given team,…all adds up to ‘good energy’!

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