The Return of Sports as we remember it???

A lot going on, not just in the real world but in the sports world as well.  July 2020 is going to be a busy month with seven major sports getting back in action:

Key July Dates

So here we are…  on the cusp of getting back to normal, in some form or another, the downside of course will be that there will not be any fans in the stands, understandable considering the current climate, but since I advertise myself as “The Sports Nerd”, I am happy to see that efforts are being made to get us back to some semblance of normalcy.  Beginning on July 8, 2020, sports are officially back, and most may see this as a good thing, the pessimist in me can’t help but wonder how long this will last.  Reports from around the country reflect a populous that refuses to take COVID-19 seriously, people refusing to wear masks, people going about their day as if there wasn’t this deadly pandemic going on in the country. 

The RBC Championship was held on Hilton Head island this past weekend and as a result, Nick Watney was the first PGA Tour player to be diagnosed with COVID-19 due to lax precautions, and in an environment in which Justin Thomas called a ZOO, Watney was forced to withdraw from the tournament because of the diagnosis.  As the article linked mentions, Beaufort County, the county in which Hilton Head Island is located, had 760 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 15 of those have resulted in death as of Saturday afternoon.  The numbers continue to rise in the entire state of South Carolina, as it has in several states like my home state of Florida, as well as Oklahoma (Remember the Rally in Tulsa), Texas and Arizona.  All four of these states saw a more than 150% change in cases in just the last two weeks.  As for how we are doing compared to the rest of the world?  well I think the below chart shows exactly how we are doing:


This isn’t spin, this isn’t “Democratic Talking Points”, this is facts, this is real, and those that choose to believce it is a hoax or a conspiracy, well I challenge you to go to your local hospital, or go to a hospital in a large metropolitan area and speak with the doctors and nurses that have had to treat this disease, what it does to the human body, and how much those that eventually die suffer through the symptoms.  I have seen several posts on both Facebook and Twitter where people aren’t taking this seriously, or those that deny the science like the dingbat that spoke before the Palm Beach County Commission.  The more the wingnuts or idiots deny the true nature and ramifications of this disease the longer it will take for this country to get through it and get back to normal. 

As I mentioned in my open, seven major sports leagues are preparing to open up for business in July and the leaders of these leagues, to include commissioners, owners, coaches, players, trainers, and administration members need to take every and all precautions to ensure that the leagues open up safely, follow all CDC guidelines and make sure that no precaution is too frivolous to follow.  Only then can we get through this pandemic and get back to normal.  I look forward to watching the Indians and Browns this fall, and hope that we can get through the season without too much trouble, while providing some sort of an escape from all of the bad ugliness currently going on in the country.

Speaking of ugliness…  there was this over the weekend:

Talladega Noose

This became the topic of the week, and a lot of people are criticizing NASCAR’s knee-jerk reaction to the discovery of this noose in Bubba Wallace’s stall at Talladega Motor Speedway this past weekend.  After an FBI investigation it was discovered that this “garage door pull” was in place as late as October 2019, and was not specifically directed at Bubba Wallace due to how stalls are assigned for race weekend.  Let me tell you, if I had seen this myself in the garage, especially in the current racial unrest going on in the country, I would have raised a red flag and assumed it was directed at Wallace, ESPECIALLY because it is Alabama.  Let me say, I am sure there are a lot of fine folks in Alabama that aren’t racist, but the history of the state and it’s role in race relations in this country over the last 150 years allows for a bit of levity in that there would be concerns it was placed there deliberately.  My apologies Alabama, but your reputation precedes you.   I now believe it was not placed there specifically for Bubba Wallace, but despite all that, NASCAR needs to investigate fully and find out who actually was responsible for tying that knot and their reason for doing so.  This was not a hate crime, and of that I am sure, but still, this is not normal.  Under the circumstances, NASCAR’s reaction was warranted and further investigation is needed to root out the source of the knot.  After investigating all of the other stalls at the racetrack, this was the only stall that had the garage pull tied in this manner. 

There is a lot going on in the sports world despite no games, but these are the discussions we will have on “The Sports Nerd” show this Sunday night at 7pm eastern time on the Sports Nerd Nation Facebook page:

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NASCAR becomes relevant again… Kind of

So NASCAR shocked the world today, jumping on the Bubba Wallace media storm and made a decision that will reverberate through the entire NASCAR fan base.  Around 4:30 this afternoon they released the following statement:

NASCAR Statement

To put this into perspective, The roots of NASCAR run deep into the fiber of southern culture.  Stock car racing had its start during prohibition in the 1920’s and 30’s, most of which is in the deep south, where southern pride and history has its own culture, its own traditions, and yes unfortunately, a history of racism.  The Flag in question here is the symbol of the Confederacy, and despite alternate facts to the contrary, represents slavery and oppression. 

I was born in Ohio, but I have lived in Florida for 40 years, and I have seen more instances of racism than I would care to remember.  The Civil War ended 155 years ago, the Union prevailed, and the Confederacy Surrendered, so I guess the real flag of the Confederacy should be this:

White flag on clear blue sky

Get over it racists, “your sport” isn’t just for white racists that enjoy Busch beer and yelling every time the cars pass by you.  The sport should be there to be enjoyed by everyone that has an interest in the sport to allow it to grow.  I have followed NASCAR for over 30 years, Dale Earnhardt Sr. was my favorite driver, and the day he died was one of the worst days of my life.  But in the 30 years of fandom, not once have I ever felt the need to wave a confederate flag or embrace that culture. 

To understand or enjoy NASCAR, you don’t need to fly or promote a flag of traitors, racists, slave owners, oppressors, and on a personal observation, white trash.  Kudos to NASCAR and Bubba Wallace, they have shown that we can grow, we can change, and we can move on and be a better people…

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Sports and it’s role in today’s current environment

I have been watching all of the coverage of the past week, and something has come to my attention.  The unique role sports has played in bringing awareness to black lives matter and it’s mission.  Forget about political parties, forget about left vs right, none of that matters now, because the country, hell the entire world is hurting, and as a man that has seen rough times, as a man that has struggled to survive, I can see now that everything that I have gone through in my life pales in comparison to what black men and women have had to endure their entire lives. 

What I have noticed over the last week has been the role of sports figures and networks.  I love what players like Patrick Mahomes, Jarvis Landry, Miles Garrett, Odell Beckham Jr (sorry for the homerism here) Nate Burleson, as well as media like ESPN (yes I said it) who in the last 2 weeks has allowed their personalities to speak out against racial injustice and honestly interviewing everyone they can about how we can move forward.  H/T to Golic and Wingo… Dan Le Batard, Mike Greenberg,  and all of the print, TV, and Internet outlets that have approached this issue head-on.

Sports has a way of uniting all of us, no matter who our favorite teams are, who our loyalties are with, sports have a way of making us forget the realities of the world, it is an escape from our day-to day troubles and difficulties, no matter if you are Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or whatever, sports has a way of making us all realize there is good in the world.  I urge you to look at sports figures to provide leadership in this environment, they have the largest platform, they have the ability to reach the most people…  The sports figures that we all look up to will provide you with the knowledge and the insight to the Black experience in America. 

That’s my advice…  It has helped me, and I have been enlightened and woke by the message they have tried to express…

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Just gonna wing it tonight…

Let me just say…  I apologize if I ruffled a few feathers with my last post…  I honestly did not intend to upset anyone… I needed to vent and this was the only place where I THOUGHT I was safe.  I did not take into consideration those that host this blog and for that I am sorry.  I would like to apologize to my kind hosts for having to put up with the BS that they had to endure over my rant…  I will try and be more careful and take them into consideration before sending…  For those that complained, I am sorry if you cant handle the truth…

Sooooooo…  Still no sports going on.  Oh sure we have NASCAR… UFC… PGA is coming back this weekend…  BUT… as my good friend Jon Olson always likes to remind me… we want REAL sports…  NFL, MLB, NHL. NBA…  Well I say, be patient, it will all be back soon.  NBA has announced a start date of Jul 31…  NHL is getting it’s act together…  NFL is progressing as if there wont be a delay in the start of the season… as for MLB.. well… *sigh*…  lets discuss that for a moment shall we?…

This whole thing has been a shit show from the beginning…  While the other major sports appear to be moving forward, Major League Baseball finds new ways to shoot themselves in the foot with each proposal.   MLB sends a proposal to the players, the players send a counter proposal, but they cant come to an agreement…  Both sides are acting like children… this is not good for a sport that has been losing fans left and right for years, and this latest labor dispute – airing dirty laundry and talking money in public is only making us fans get turned off even more about the 2020 season.. and the more they bicker, the less likely it seems that there will even be a 2020 season. has a good discussion on the whole thing at the following link:

My thoughts on the matter… the sooner they come to an agreement is better for MLB.  the longer this drags on, MLB runs the risk of losing millions of fans because we are tired of seeing both sides act like spoiled children.  get it done…  we want to see Baseball…

Ok…  short and sweet tonight…  that’s all I have to say for today… but…  if you want more than you will join me and “The Rant Pack” this Sunday night at 7pm Eastern time on FB live for “The Sports nerds” where we discuss the current state of sports in the US and Canada… (For @jongolson)

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Have a good night all…

Scott “The Sports Nerd”

I have no words… but with this post… I’ll try

Well, here we are…  The President of the United States threatened to place the US Military on the streets of every city in the country to quell the protests going on, MOST of which are peaceful, because he wants to show he is a strong leader.  I speak now to his minions of followers, to the people that support him above any and all rationale…

It’s not enough that you support him despite his history of misogyny, his history of adultery, his history of rape, his lies, his bankruptcies, his warmongering, cozying up to dictators, specifically Putin and Kim, his declaration that white supremacists are “fine people” the fact that he only cares about himself and his image, but you are now supporting him when he threatens harm against American citizens by deploying the US Military to American cities because he doesn’t like how the Governors of certain states are handling the situation.  The First Amendment to the Constitution clearly states the following:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The 10th Amendment states as follows:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This means he does not have the right to deploy the military to the streets of any city, this is specifically designated to the states, in other words – the States National Guard. 

His actions can only be described as those of a Dictator, and despite how much he feels that he needs to be in charge, he does not have absolute power over the United states of America.

Tonight, he ordered tear gas and flash bangs be sent into a peaceful crowd of protestors so that he can have and God Damn photo-op at a burned out church.  Well as fate would have it, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese which has authority over the church where he held his photo-op was quoted as saying “Trump just used St. John’s & the Bible “…as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything our Church stands for”

He is Joseph Goebbels, he is a propaganda machine, he promotes his brand, he is more concerned about his image as president than he is about the citizens he is supposed to serve.  An egomaniac, misogynist,  narcissist, and wanna-be dictator.  This country is headed towards a dangerous path that the founders never thought we would approach.  He has dismantled several government agencies designed to protect the population, he has revoked several laws protecting resources and national parks, he has reduced regulations put in place to protect the health of US citizens, he has bragged that his word is the law.  This ”Napoleon” is attempting to rule this country with an iron fist and he doesn’t care who he ruins on his way to that throne.

This has come about because of protests that are going on across the nation in response to a Minneapolis cop that killed a black man in front of the entire world, thanks to social media.  The events that have occurred over the last week were foretold four years ago by Colin Kaepernick when he chose to kneel in protest over police brutality towards African Americans.  Colin was ostracized in the media, he was called a  ”son of a bitch” by the current resident of the Oval Office, and worst of all, he was blackballed from the NFL because rich, old, white owners in the NFL looked down on him as a dissenter, a stain on the shield, and a disgrace because he kneeled during the national anthem and did not get why he was doing it.  Well, here we are… Colin knelt because of what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis, despite the fact it was 4 years ago.  This is why he knelt, this is why he protested, and this is why we all need to stand up in support of the African American Community now, because if no one will stand for them, then we are destined to become either a theocracy or a dictatorship, at the mercy of whatever the current Republican Party decides what they want this government to be.

I support #BLM, I support my brothers and sisters of color in their fight against racism, and I support the peaceful protestors across the country.  What I do not support is destruction of property, rioting in the name of the cause, and assault on other citizens and members of law enforcement.  The unrest seen across the country came home to roost in the town that I live in, and it scares me to death, but I will not let the actions of a few detract from the bigger picture.  This country has always had systematic racism, and what I mean by this is that the system has always favored the white race over minorities.  The financial system, the hierarchy, the ability to advance and better yourself has ALWAYS favored whites.  I have been a benefactor of that society, as I am a middle aged white man and could never imagine what minorities have experienced over the last 400 years in this country.  I don’;t pretend to understand, but I do stand by them, I support them and I will do whatever I can to help them move forward.

No Republican will come out against him, no Democrat will grow a set and denounce him and call him for what he is, and that is a wanna-be dictator, fascist, or king.  Until our elected officials decide that he has finally gone too far, I am afraid nothing will be done to put him in check, our system of checks and balances will go by the wayside and he will be allowed to do whatever he wants.  Hell, that’s exactly what he has done up to this point, do and say whatever the hell he wants to, because no one in government will stand up to this asshole. 

I say now, to to those that support this man I want nothing to do with you.  Unless you denounce what he is doing to the country, to the Constitution, to the rule of law, or to common decency, I refuse to have anything to do with you.  This not only includes people I consider friends, but family as well.  The long-term future of the country is more important to me than family, and for as much as I love ALL the members of my family, this is where I must draw the line.  As far as I see it, you have been so blinded by him, by the conservative media (Fox News), the republican party, Mitch McConnell, and pretty much all of WHITE America, that I can’t be part of your life if you support this man and what he is doing to the country I love.  I have seen my mother brainwashed, I have seen rational people I have known for over 20 years be blinded by what has become the most radical faction of a political party that favors enriching their bank accounts and their thirst for power over the well-being of the entire country that I can no longer sit by and say nothing.

I am willing to deal with the ramifications of my decision for the betterment of society.  We are supposed to be the beacon of freedom to the world.  We helped save the world from fascism and oppression during WWII, I have ancestors that fought for this country dating back to the Revolutionary War, and now some of those current family members now have become followers of a man that would destroy everything our predecessors fought and died for.  I wont have it, I wont stand for it, and I certainly wont accept it.  I am sad because I know there is a large number of people that will no longer be in my life because of my decision, but that is the risk I take and the choice I have made.  If your hatred of liberals, progressives and Democrats are so strong that you would allow this country to devolve into chaos and anarchy, then I want nothing to do with you until you denounce him.  I can only pray that we can defeat him in the fall so that we can get back to being the beacon of Democracy that the world has looked to since 1945.