The Entitlement of Sports Figures

Recent developments in the world of sports has caused me to reflect on the past, present, and future of sports in this country.  We all have our sports heroes, whether it was someone you idolized growing up as a kid or someone that you idolize now, they are there, larger than life, supernatural in your eyes, can do no wrong, are the cornerstone of your favorite team, the quarterback, the basketball star, baseball star, whatever they may do, they are the best at their specific sport and they are the reason you watch sports. 

However, with recent events over the course of the last few months we have to look at these idols for what they are.  Human beings with flaws, with questionable judgment, and with entitlement issues.  Major League Baseball has handed down 13 suspensions to players that were found to be linked to a Florida Anti-aging clinic that is suspected of distributing steroids to these players, including Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees.  the suspensions range from 50 games to, in Rodriguez’ case, over 200 games.  A-Rod is appealing his suspension cause, in my mind, he is in denial and feels that because he is who he is and makes the money he does, that he is above the laws of MLB and is not subject to their rules regarding PED’s. 

Then we have Johnny Manziel, the Texas A&M quarterback who has also bee in the spotlight lately.  The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner, it appears, has allowed his fame to go to his head, getting himself caught up in scandal after scandal regarding his behavior off the field.  He has been in a few altercations off the field, usually involving alcohol, that has called into question not only his level of maturity, but his sanity.  Now there are allegations that he has received money from autographs that he has signed at memorabilia shows in the offseason, calling into question his eligibility for continuing his career at A&M.  As a collegiate football player he is not eligible to receive money for anything related to his playing for A&M, including salary, perks, or money in return for services or appearances, including autographs.  He has shown the attitude that he is beyond reproach and that he can do pretty much whatever he wants to, since he has that little trophy on his mantle that was presented to him by the Downtown Athletic Club. 

There is an old saying that says, with great power comes great responsibility, and that may be a corny line from a not-so-great movie, but it is in fact true for these individuals whether they believe it or want to follow it or not.  They have been provided or have developed an extraordinary talent in their respective sport, and to abuse that talent or view it as a birthright is not only irresponsible, but it is a detriment to the game they represent.  Maybe we should all take a fresh look at how we view these players and put this into perspective.  Heroes are not sports figures, they haven’t completed heroic things, they haven’t saved a life, put themselves in harms way, cured a disease or done anything that is even close to being considered for “hero status”.  You want to be my hero?  Pull a family out of burning building, discover a cure for cancer, save your buddies lives on the battlefield, or for better reference, go into a 110 story tower to put out a fire knowing damn well that you will probably not come out of that thing alive. 

Look, I love sports, I will continue to watch the games I love, and I will continue on rooting for the players on my favorite team to do well, to score touchdowns, make goals, and to score runs, but I will not place them up on a pedestal to give them “hero” stats in my life, they are not an inspiration to me, and they will not be beyond reproach with how they approach the game or how they act off the field.  they are human beings, making millions of dollars to play a game, and until they perform CPR on a dying fan, or do an act of courage that warrants my respect, they will continue to be overpaid athletes that I enjoy watching for entertainment purposes.  Sports is my release from the real world for a few hours each week, and that is all.  So for all you want to be heroes out there, show me something, show me how humble you are, and show me that you have respect for not only the game you play and its history, but for yourself as well.

And we’re off….

So, yesterday was the official start to the football season with the Hall of Fame game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins.  The result of the game matters little in the grand scheme of things, as come Sept 5, all the records will be reset to zero and the regular season begins.  I have my own opinions as to who will be good teams and who will be ad teams, sadly both of my favorite teams (Browns and Buccaneers) fall into the latter category, but it wont keep me from cheering for them any less, cause when you are a fan, you cheer and cry for them in good times and bad.  The important thing is that Football is back, I am excited, and for those that missed it, I have once again started “The Sports Nerd” weekly Spreecast,  The Sports Nerd Show starring myself and good friend Bob Pizor.  The show will be every Sunday night from 7:30pm until whenever Bob and I have run out of things to say.  It will include recaps of The Sunday games as well as discussion of anything sports related.  Please come join us and have a good time smack talking, laughing and carrying on like teenagers. 

I have some thoughts on the upcoming season that include predictions, comments, and overall observations.  First I feel that the team to beat this year will be the San Francisco 49ers.  They are heavy favorites to win it all this year.  the only team I see competing with them in the NFC are the Seattle Seahawks, which means that division race is going to be quite exciting all the way to week 16, including a week 14 matchup between the two in San Francisco.  That game could decide the division, even with 3 weeks to go.  In the AFC I have the Broncos wining the conference with only the Texans or Patriots being able to possibly sneak by them.  I’m really looking forward to the season and cant wait for it to officially start. 

On to other sports.  This week has seen a lot of drama in Baseball, specifically A-Rod and his issues, along with 12 other players that include Nelson Cruz, Everth Cabrera, and Jhonny Peralta.  The fallout of this whole thing is that Baseball once again is getting a black eye because players cant seem to resist trying to get an edge by using banned or illegal substances.  this hardens back to the days of Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa.  All these players already have talent or they would not be in Major League Baseball,. why in the world do they think that by doing drugs they will be even better, or why do they feel that they have to be better than they already are without taking drugs.  They face the risk of exactly what has happened, major suspensions, certain snub if they should ever come up for HOF consideration, and not to mention the ultimate criticism of not just their peers, but the fans.  they make god awful amounts of money for playing a GAME, and yet they feel that to get an extra 10 hits, or maybe 3 more HR’s in a season they have to juice.  I don’t get it, call me a purist, but it is just sad.   Once again the sport I loved growing up has taken another slide to the rear of all the other sports that I follow, including, Golf and Tennis.  NFL will always be number one, but alas, there are cheaters there too I know, but not to this extent and the drug policy and testing in the NFL is far and above that of MLB and cheaters are discovered much easier. 

In closing, I am disappointed in the players, A-Rod can go to hell and he needs to drop the appeal and just fade away, just like McGuire, Sosa, and Bonds have done.  take your punishment, swallow it, and just go away.  As for me, I am ready for the NFL and will concern myself with Baseball only should the Rays make it to the playoffs. 

Some People Just Don’t Get It

So…  This is a Sports Blog.  This is MY Sports Blog, and I am getting ramped up for the 2013 NFL Season.  I live, breathe and bleed football from August through February each year and I could care less about any other sport during that time frame.  However, as some of you may know I also dabble a bit in the “online Marketing” business, and have done several things over the last 10 years or so trying different things to try and earn a full time income from home.  Nothing I have tried has come close to what I discovered a little over a year ago due to my good friend Rhonda Pizor introducing me to the Traffic Exchange world. The one program that finally caused me to “See the light” in this online world is Click Track Profit.  This program is owned by the great people of Tim Tech and if you don’t know Tim Tech, then Google them and learn more about how solid and reputable of a company they are.

Up until the last year or so, Tim Tech has focused primarily on the Traffic Exchange industry, gearing their products and training solely on that industry.  in the last year that have moved over into List Builders/Mailers, Paid To Clicks, and soon, into the Auto responder industry to compete with Awebber and Traffic Wave.  As long as they remained in their world (TE’s) they were the best company going, but now, ever since they have crossed over to these other industries they have received a lot of grief, criticism, and “you don’t belong here” from those both in and out of the TE industry.  My response to these people is plain and simple.


The mantra of CTP is and always has been “plus one” do more today than you did yesterday.  They have decided to move forward as a company and as a brand.  They are becoming the one stop shop for all marketing and business owners to go to advertise their products and programs.  They have a complete solution to how to advertise and make money on line, they are the best I have ever seen and no one has come close to their training, their guidance and their AVAILABILITY to their customers/members.  Jon Olson, the CMO of Tim Tech hosts a LIVE spreecast seminar Monday through Friday at 4pm eastern, he encourages input from the viewers, wants you to ask questions and is always available by phone, Skype, or Email.  they have full time tech support and someone actually will answer the phone when you call them.  CTP is the model of how an online business should be run.  they refuse to become complacent and they refuse to settle for anything but 100% commitment to their members.  I cant say enough about how much I have learned from these guys, and I owe them a lot for what I have learned.

despite all of this, they still have their detractors and complainers that feel that they aren’t giving enough.  they want more, they need more and they feel they are ENTITLED to more.  they don’t want to put in the effort, they don’t want to spend a dime, and yet they expect to get rich overnight or in a few months.  People want the “easy” way to prosperity, they don’t want to work for it, and they want someone to hand them the “secret” to being successful.  I have to ask this of those that want something for nothing.  What if you were building a “brick and mortar” business, would you be able to start this business for nothing or would you need to lay out cash for a shop, electric, internet, water, oh,,,,  INVENTORY?…  the answer of course is yes.  the same is true in the TE industry, or the PTC industry, or whatever online business you are starting.  you have to spend money to make money and if you think that you are going to get rich without spending your own money out of pocket then you are dreaming. 

So here is my suggestion…  Quit whining, quit bitching, quit complaining that you aren’t making money when you in fact haven’t done or refuse to do what it takes to get what you want.  Tim Tech has done what it takes, they have expanded their brand, guaranteed their longevity and placed a sound foundation for their future by expanding their customer base, which is exactly what a business is supposed to do.  so I ask you this…  What have you done?…  what are you going to do?…Why haven’t you gone and “plus one” each and every day?  Is it laziness?  is it lack of motivation?  Is it complacency?  What is it?  Well I have a story to tell you that may in fact shock you. 

In the 18 months that I have been working on line I have made a total of maybe $300 in that time frame, give or take.  you know who I blame for that?..  ME…  I have been lazy, I have been Complacent, I have been unmotivated, and I have downright disappointed those that care about me in this industry because of my lack of production.  But…  despite all of that, despite all of my failures, I keep going, I keep surfing, I refuse to give up, because I know that I am into something that eventually the light bulb will go off, I will come out of my comfort zone and this whole thing will take off.  But the key to all of this is I haven’t whined or complained that I am not being given the “Secret” that I haven’t made a lot of money or that “this thing doesn’t work”.  I haven’t said any of that or pointed fingers at anyone other than myself.  I am responsible for my own actions and I am responsible, in this case, in my lack of action.  So as you see I know of what I speak, cause I have lived it.  I see what my approach has done for me, and only I can change that. I don’t expect handouts from anyone, I don’t expect to be given anything that I haven’t earned, and I certainly don’t blame TimTech for my failures in this business. 

So instead of complaining to a business owner that they aren’t giving you what you think you are entitled to…  Try going out and earning it.  Get in the game, or ride the bench…its up to you.  I plan on using that as my mantra going forward.

Thanks for reading,

Scott “The Sports Nerd” Wright

Where the hell have I been?

HI all,

Yes I have been MIA for about a month, and for those that have been wondering, I am still here, I am still alive and I have not died or fallen off the planet.  The last month has been an odd one for me.  I found myself in a funk, I didn’t want to do anything, see anyone, or be social.  I went into a shell, and for the most part was just going through the motions of my so-called boring, uneventful life.  As most of you know, I live alone, and for the most part I love that.  I do as I please, I don’t answer to anyone but myself and my cats, so as long as they have food & water, plus clean boxes, they are content and could care less if I am here or not, that’s just how cats are.    The problem with me over the last month is I allowed outside events I have little to no control over dictate what I did and how I acted.  I became lazy, I became lethargic, and I found myself in a fog that would rival the most dense fog ever seen in San Francisco Bay.

So finally I asked myself this hard question.  What is it you WANT to do, more than anything else in the world?  I found myself not knowing the answer, and to be fair, I have never known the answer to this question.  At one point in my life I thought it was the stereotypical “white picket fence” with a wife, kids, and live happily ever after.  Well I have tried to achieve that twice in my life, and I found out I was horrible at it so I found out the hard way that wasn’t what I wanted.  What I discovered was that I really want the freedom to be able to do what I want when I want it with no regard for how much time it will take or how much money it will take, so I guess if I want to be able to do that I have to remove myself from the ball and chain of a “job” and although I know I cant just go into my place of work and quit…I know that the only person that is in control of getting to that place and getting to that freedom is me. 

So now that I have a goal in mind, now that I have a focus, I am about to get out of my comfort zone, get out of the box and think….and do whatever I have to do to get to the point where I can walk away from my “job”.  no one can do it for me, there isn’t a magic formula, nor is there a magic money tree that is going to allow me to get there.  I have to do it, I have to earn it, and I have to be the one that goes out and takes it. 

I don’t expect it to happen overnight, nor do I expect it to happen in a year, but this is my goal, this is my motivation, and today re-boots the journey to what I want to achieve…

Masters Thoughts

I know there are a lot of people that are not fans of Professional Golf, citing the fact that it is a “rich man’s sport” or its boring to watch on TV and would rather play or go to an event live.  I give you “The Masters”, probably the most exciting tournament to watch on a yearly basis.  Each year there is drama, there is excitement and there is a special feeling to this “major” that most wont understand. 

There were three major stories coming out of Augusta, GA this week, the first was the 14-year old Chinese amateur, Tianlang Guan,  that made the cut in his first pro tournament in the US, winning low amateur, and showing not only great talent, but poise and maturity well beyond his years.  It was exciting to see this kid do so well, even though he finished 12 over par  he was the only amateur to make the cut, and he showed humility and genuine excitement at meeting some of his heroes.

The second is of course Tiger Woods, who was given a 2-shot penalty for an illegal drop on the 15th hole Friday.  there were a lot of commentators and celebrities, mostly former or current players, that thought that maybe he should have been disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard, but yet he was only penalized two strokes, resulting in a 1 over par 73 for his round on Friday.  While I agree that he should have been penalized, he should not have been disqualified because officials looked at the situation the same day and decided that it did not warrant a disqualification, and this was before Tiger signed his card.  It was only after this was looked at when the tournament officials received a text message from someone pointing out the violation thus causing them to look at it once again.   It was only after the second look a decision was made to hand down the penalty.  Since it was after Tiger had already signed his card and after they had already looked at it and said it was not a penalty, it was decided that disqualifying him was not necessary.  Personally I believe that the rules officials should have caught it the first time and then at that time if a disqualification was deemed necessary, then so be it. 

Finally and certainly not the least of all was the final three holes of the tournament.  The range of emotions that occurred between Angel Cabrera and Adam Scott was incredible, first when Scott sunk the birdie on the 72nd hole of the tournament to finish with a 1-shot lead, then when Cabrera followed that up with a shot for the ages, placing his approach to within 5 feet of a pin located in an almost impossible spot to get it that close.  Finally when Cabrera missed his birdie put on the second playoff hole by a mere 2 inches, circling around the cup as if it was the moon orbiting the moon, so close but not close enough as to cause damage.  Scott followed that up with a 15-footer to seal the win and the hopes and dreams of not only Adam Scott were realized, but the dreams of an entire country were realized as well.  Scott becomes the first Aussie to win The Masters, doing what Greg Norman could not do in the 80’s and 90’s and what the top talent in the game today have come close to doing, but not able to get it done. 

Congrats to Adam Scott, it was a fitting finish to yet another exciting week at Augusta.