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On Blogging, Surfing, and Deflated balls…. — 2 Comments

  1. I love Traffic Browser and use it everyday. So I know what you mean. It saves time and hassle. I am not much into hockey yet, so no team to root for. But I am surprised Tom Brady got the 4 game suspension. I figured he would get out of it. I am glad though. Shows doesn’t matter who you are in the NFL, you can get suspended if you cheat.

  2. Shon, thanks for posting…..

    I am surprised he got 4 games as well…. I am thinking the made the penalty big so that there was room for movement when the appeal process runs its course. I see him getting probably 2 games when it is all said and done if he wins the appeal. The NFL is sending a message… not even the best teams in the league can get away with sidestepping the rules…

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