NFL Free Agency… My Thoughts

Well here we go.. the frenzy that is NFL Free Agency has begun.  Day one and we have already seen some big moves by some big names.  I wont get to them all, but there are a few I would like to express my opinion on here.  Remember, this blog isn’t for just reporting what happens, I bring my opinion, and while you may not agree with those opinions, I welcome any and all discussion on what I post.  This blog is designed to encourage engagement, not just be another generic news outlet (I’m not a journalist), so bring your arguments, your praise and above all, your comments and UPVOTES!!!

First is the elephant in the room – and although it isn’t a free agent signing, it is the biggest trade of the offseason thus far and that is Antonio Brown being traded to the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders.  I don’t pay attention too much to details of trades, jut how the players involved can impact their new team.  There is no doubt that AB has been one of the most prolific WR’s for the last 8 years (As a Browns fan, I know this all too well) but he is getting a downgrade at QB, a downgrade in RB’s (don’t at me Beast Mode fans) and no supporting cast in the wide receiver corps, in my opinion.   The defense was ranked 26th overall in 2018 allowing almost 30 points per game.  AB is good, but he cant make up for a bad defense, and the Raiders will still be bad next year.  Its a good trade for the Raiders, and the Steelers will be worse without him and Bell next year, but it wont make too much of a difference when the season starts in the fall.

Nick Foles to the Jags.  This makes them immediately better at the QB position, the Blake Bortles experiment is over and the Jags, after underperforming last year, can now set their sites on winning the division again.  It wont be a given that they win the South, after all that division is stacked and may very well be the best division in football, but the Jags wont be cellar dwellers and will have a chance. 

Deshawn Jackson to the Eagles..  Again this was a trade, and the Bucs and Eagles swap late round draft picks to finalize the deal.  Jackson no longer wanted to be in Tampa, and Tampa no longer wanted him.  It’s no secret he and Winston did not get along and Jackson saw his targets drop after Fitz was benched in favor of Jameis during the season.  Jackson gets to go back to Philly where he had tremendous success and the Bucs once again will still be the worst team in that division, even with Arians as their Head Coach.  It’s going to take a couple of years for them to right the ship, and as a casual Bucs fan these days, I’m looking forward to seeing them try and get back to one of the better teams in that division.

Finally, as I began to write this post, the news broke that Terrell Suggs was leaving the Ravens (GOOD RIDDANCE) For Arizona.  Suggs is 37 and is still playing at a high level – he will bolster that defense.  Is a good move for him as he went to college in AZ, and once again as a Browns fan, I will be glad to see him leave the division. 

It is still early, and technically none of the FA’s can sign until Wednesday, but it is fun to watch the moves and the talking heads on NFLN and ESPN go ape-shit over all this stuff.  Now pardon me as I cut this post off a little early…  The Bolts are on TV playing the Leaf’s and I love ribbing @jongolson when the Bolts show how much better they are…lol

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