NASCAR becomes relevant again… Kind of

So NASCAR shocked the world today, jumping on the Bubba Wallace media storm and made a decision that will reverberate through the entire NASCAR fan base.  Around 4:30 this afternoon they released the following statement:

NASCAR Statement

To put this into perspective, The roots of NASCAR run deep into the fiber of southern culture.  Stock car racing had its start during prohibition in the 1920’s and 30’s, most of which is in the deep south, where southern pride and history has its own culture, its own traditions, and yes unfortunately, a history of racism.  The Flag in question here is the symbol of the Confederacy, and despite alternate facts to the contrary, represents slavery and oppression. 

I was born in Ohio, but I have lived in Florida for 40 years, and I have seen more instances of racism than I would care to remember.  The Civil War ended 155 years ago, the Union prevailed, and the Confederacy Surrendered, so I guess the real flag of the Confederacy should be this:

White flag on clear blue sky

Get over it racists, “your sport” isn’t just for white racists that enjoy Busch beer and yelling every time the cars pass by you.  The sport should be there to be enjoyed by everyone that has an interest in the sport to allow it to grow.  I have followed NASCAR for over 30 years, Dale Earnhardt Sr. was my favorite driver, and the day he died was one of the worst days of my life.  But in the 30 years of fandom, not once have I ever felt the need to wave a confederate flag or embrace that culture. 

To understand or enjoy NASCAR, you don’t need to fly or promote a flag of traitors, racists, slave owners, oppressors, and on a personal observation, white trash.  Kudos to NASCAR and Bubba Wallace, they have shown that we can grow, we can change, and we can move on and be a better people…

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