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Michael Sam and the Cleveland Browns — 2 Comments

  1. Michael Sam. He’ll clearly be the story after the first round. I have a feeling I am just about ready to put my foot in my mouth (and it’s a big foot), but here goes.

    Nobody but the press really cares. If he can do the job and help the team he is welcome on my team. I played football and baseball with ‘known’ gay players (it was against the fucking law then. How stupid is that??). Play the game, be a team mate, and nobody cares.

    My 2 cents worth…

    • I DID watch Sam play numerous times. He is a beast of a player. The SEC is also filled with manly men. I would be thrilled to have him on the Saints. Even Jonathan Vilma clarified his negative remarks (made two weeks previously) about gay players in the locker room. I wish Sam well & sincerely believe the overwhelming majority of NFL players will accept him, sexual orientation & all. I also feel your pain about the Browns ongoing changes. The Saints were very similar for many years, but eventually the “right” combination happened & look what happened.

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