Many Machado and more…

So, all the posturing and rumormongering is over.  Manny is a Padre…  with a 10-year 300 million dollar contract, the largest contract in free-agent history.  He can opt out after 5 years, but for 300 mil who would  do that?  Its a good deal, as the Padres  have quite possibly the best farm system in baseball and they now have all of their starting lineup under long-term contracts.  The downer… is pitching. They don’t have the greatest rotation and that will be the biggest question mark going into the season.  I’m just glad he didn’t sign with the Yankees…lol

Antonio Brown met with Art Rooney today to go over his possible future with the Steelers.  It was decided that he has no future and the Steelers are going to honor his request and try and find a trade partner for him.  My thoughts are…good riddance.. he has been killing the Browns for years, and to see him move on is good for the division.  With his departure that makes Ju Ju the #1 receiver, L’eveon will be out as well, which also tells me the power in the division is shifting and the Browns are getting better at exactly the right time.

The Lightning have won six in a row and as I write this are up 3-0 against the Flyers with 9 minutes to pay in the first period.  Kucherov had a 5-point night against the Blue Jackets last night and the Bolts are maintaining the momentum they have had leading up to the All Star break.  The NHL has been put on notice (by me) the #Bolts are going to win the Stanley Cup.. the second in franchise history and first since 2003-4 season.  #GoBolts

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