Jerry Jones would make a great politician…

Yes, I know this is a redundant statement, be patient with me…

So Jerry Jones finally broke his silence today after 109 days since the death of George Floyd.  He said he expects his team to display “grace” related to the national anthem when the season begins next month, or whenever it starts.  I read the articles today regarding his comments from both ESPN and  I was taken aback because he failed to show any support for his players, he managed to use political speak to avoid taking as firm stand on what he and his platers will do to honor George Floyd and what they will do to honor BLM.  Now, I understand the Cowboys and Jerry Jones aren’t required to do anything, but because Jerry took such a strong stance in 2017 stating that any player that did not stand for the National Anthem would not play, and he reiterated this stance the following year as well, his comments today were relevant to the times.

He stated he had “nothing to prove regarding my players and my support of our players.  What I do want to show and want us all to be a part of is a word called “grace”.  not only grace in our actions, but grace in our understanding, where they’re coming from.”

He was vague, he was not transparent and he failed to take a definitive stance on what he will do or would do if one or all of his players decide to take a knee during the anthem.  He talked about understanding, he talked about perspective, and he talked about understanding the perception and where they were coming from regarding the flag.  To quote

And I want our fans to understand, and better do, because of what’s gone on over the last few months. I want them to understand where our players are coming from there, and they do not feel like that the ones that want to basically do that, kneel, they do not feel like they’re dishonoring the flag. I’m going to have grace. I’ve had grace.

What took him so long?  it’s been over three months… he has plenty of time to come out with a definitive position on this issue, but he takes three months after pressure from fans and the media to finally come out and state his respect for the players feelings, about social justice, about how “proud” he is of Dak and his plea to the governor of OK to stop the execution of Julius Jones, a black man on death row for murder. 

I’m sorry Jerry, your history and past behavior is a more of a reflection of how you actually feel.  You consulted Donald Trump before making these comments, you are a friend to the racist in chief, and I am sorry but it going to take more than lip service to prove that you are going to respect whatever your players will do come opening day of the NFL season.  As America looks for a different path come November, you , as perhaps the most visible owner in the NFL, will have the spotlight pointed directly in your eyes this upcoming season.

Whatever “grace” is…  Let’s hope it is an act of understanding, an opportunity to show you have changed, and proof that you have actually changed your point of view…

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