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  1. “Freedom has responsibilities.” I think people kinda forget that.

    Just because we have the “right” to do something, doesn’t always mean that we should. Having the right to CHOOSE is the point that is important, and when we choose we should do our best to choose responsibly.

    I am an American that has lived in Europe for over twenty years now, and from year number one I have had the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective and see how arrogant and self-centered Americans can be. I say that as an AMERICAN – born and bread.

    Europeans don’t understand our gun laws. They also don’t understand why Americans have a problem with Universal Health Care (another hotbed issue). My English students (I teach English as a second/foreign language) are also surprised to hear that I experience more racism in America as a Black man than I do here in Germany. It amazes them.

    Americans really need to turn on their brains when it comes to things like this. I can care less what folks think about me – only Jehovah God’s opinion matters in my eyes, and yet, I don’t hold it against anyone who chooses to live their life in a way that the Bible says is incorrect. You see, the bible teaches us that God puts right and wrong before us and allows us to CHOOSE.

    Even though history (both long term and recent) has proven that the choices are not always that great, some folks continue to choose wrong. Shame on us.

    Nice post Scott

    • Thanks for the reply John.

      I understand we are looked at by the rest of the world in a negative light. that is a combination of our culture, and our government’s actions overseas. We were once looked upon as the model country for everyone else. Sadly, that is no longer the case.

      I am not one to overlook my “white privilege” as the saying goes, which is why I try to treat everyone with equal amount of respect no matter the color of their skin or what god they pray to.

      hope you are well…

  2. Hi Scott

    The American mentality around Guns has always baffled me, I have lived in a few countries and many of them actually have gun laws that prohibit the ownership of guns, and you now what, they dont have the same problems as countries that allow guns.

    Jim Jeffreies the comedian put it very nicely, in his skit, performed in America on American Gun Laws, when he states, that here in Australia we had the massacre in Tasmania, and the Australian Government said, No More Guns, and the Australian Population, said, Fair enough, your right,

    Acceptance that, sure its not the gun itself that does the damage but the person pulling the trigger, but hey if they didn’t have a gun in the first place there would have been no trigger to pull, in my books is a fair statement.

    Nice Post Scott and one that should generate some sensible discussion, and one that will no doubt bring some ht heads out of the woods 🙂

  3. I don’t tend to post on political issues either. I don’t own a gun and I probably never will because I’ve shot one and realized that I’m more likely to shoot myself in the foot than defend myself.
    My father always taught me to respect the power of a gun.
    I could add my own anti-gun rant to yours because you are right. We don’t let anyone drive a car without taking a class on safety and you can’t even get a boat license without a safety class. Why, because even though in essence they are huge tools, if used incorrectly, people die.
    Yet guns which are tools that are meant to kill, seem to get a special privilege.
    Your blog and the reasoning behind it are eloquent. If it reaches just one person, lets one mother sleep a little easier or allows one child to fulfill his or her destiny that might have been at risk, than any flack you do get over it will be worth it.
    So far though, every one of us that are commenting appear to be agreeing with you!

  4. The only problem with your comments, as with most non gun owners you are unaware that every criteria you listed in paragraph 4 are already included in the existing laws as exclusions for gun ownership. The answer is not more laws that are unenforced against those who break the law but impinge upon law abiding owners who wish to avail themselves of the rights recognized (not granted, but recognized as God given rights) in the second amendment. The beginning answer is to enforce the laws that already exist. And to convict those that break the laws.

    Case in point, I recently served on a jury in a case where the defendant was accused of illegally possessing a firearm. Here in Illinois, to possess a firearm one must have a FOID (Firearms Owner ID) card and to get to get one you have to be over 18 years of age, clear a background check, supply a recent photo.
    The defendant in this case was under the age of 18 at the time of the offense, had no FOID card and was not legally eligible to get one. Two police officers on patrol in an unmarked car (but still identifiable as such as the type used by police in the area) in an area known for gang activity, observed the defendant who after spotting the patrol car separated himself from a group of youths on one side of the street and proceed alone to a gangway between two houses on the other side of the street. He was then observed leaving an object in the gangway between the two houses. After which the defendant proceeded out of the gangway and sat alone on the porch steps. He was approached and engaged in conversation by one of the officers, while the other went to the gangway and recovered what was found to be a loaded semi automatic handgun. At this point the defendant was placed under arrest and transported to lockup.

    The irony of the case was that absolutely no one showed up to testify on behalf of the defendant, so it was just his word on the stand under oath against that of the two police officers on the stand under oath. After all testimony, the judge recessed the jury and had us return the next morning so that we would have all day if necessary for deliberation. After a half hour of deliberation, the initial jury vote was 10 not guilty, 1 undecided, and one guilty. Late into the evening, after hours of back and forth deliberation the judge finally declared it a mistrial with the final jury count being 9 guilty and 3 not guilty. There was no evidence presented from the defense to contradict the statements of the police officers other than the denial of the defendant. The reasons for not guilty for the 3 holdouts were, one just plain refused to believe the statements of the police officers, one wanted absolute proof in the form of finger prints and DNA evidence from the gun and the final one come up with a completely different story line of events out of thin air that substantially differed from what both sides gave as testimony.

    It is now up the prosecution to determine whether to retry the defendant or not.

    So until the populace as a whole wakes up and decides to punish the guilty for the laws that are already being broken, no matter what or how many additional laws get passed stupid stuff will continue to happen and the truly innocent will continue to pay the price.

    And yes, I was the initial guilty vote, without which the one undecided voter would have given in the majority and an obviously guilty individual as determined by the evidence would have been set free.

  5. William,

    While I respect your opinion, and you know I i respect you as a person, I must disagree with your perspective on this issue. First of all, just because I do not own a gun, does not mean I don’t understand or know the law. I am well aware of the laws on the books, and although I know that sometimes they are not applied to their fullest extent, they are not strong enough, and they could better serve the american people in keeping them safe. The individual that committed the most recent mass shooting in Lafayette LA had a history of anti government sentiment that was expressed in a public forum on right wing radio. He was able to buy a gun legally because “he didn’t have any convictions of serious crimes”, yet his wife was afraid of him, had a history of domestic violence, and legal issues, along with mental health issues. Where were the laws that kept him from getting his gun? Where were the laws that were supposed to protect the two teachers that were killed, or the nine other victims that were wounded? Non-existent, that’s where they were.

    I’m sorry if stricter gun laws will “inconvenience” your “god given right” to make it possible to purchase a weapon, but like I said, if stricter gun laws will prevent just ONE mass shooting, I’m for it. You want to punish the guilty for laws that are being broken, so do I, but I also want those laws to be strong enough so that individuals such as those that committed these acts can’t buy a gun. Like I said in my post, you want an AR-15 with a clip that holds 60 bullets, fine, you better be able to pass a strict background check to include long term criminal history, mental illness, and domestic violence. It’s not about the guns… its about the mental and criminal histories of those that want to own them.

    Your right to own a gun is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in The Constitution, and the men that put that right in there, made no mention of “God” in the second amendment, so no, it isn’t a God given right, it is a right as a citizen of the United States, but if you abuse that right, then you need to be held accountable for it, and that also comes with a responsibility as an owner. My father owns more guns than he needs, but I don’t have to ever worry about him shooting up a school or a movie theater because I know my dad. As a Vietnam Vet, and a Navy Seal he has been through hell and seen more evil than one man deserves to see on one lifetime, yet he is stable, grounded, and understands the responsibilities with owning a gun. I live in Polk County Florida, where owning a gun is more common place than owning a cell phone. I Have seen friends have a concealed weapon in their vehicle, on their person, yet they would never use that weapon to just randomly shoot at people, because they have the mental capacity to handle and own a gun. I choose not to own one, because I have never been in a situation that would cause me to consider buying one, nor do I imagine I will. Plus, i’m actually a clutz, and am afraid I would accidentally shoot my foot off……lol

    In closing, once again, I respect your opinion, I respect you as a person, and your opinions on this matter do not diminish that respect in any way, we just happen to disagree on the matter.

    All my best to you and your family..

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