How many divas can we find in the NFL?

So it has been a while since I have posted a blog, such is the habit of an overworked, old sports fan that has been lazy and been trying to get with the program.  But tonight I come at you with renewed vigor, excitement, and drive.  The NFL season is upon us, and thus, my favorite time of the year.  tonight I want to vent some thoughts over what news is happening in the NFL, MLB, and just general thoughts in my head at this moment.  So here we go, The Sports Nerd is about to vent…

First… Antonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders lost his arbitration hearing today, and despite saying that he would not play if he could not wear his “old” helmet, he appears prepared to come back to camp and prepare for the season.  How happy the Steelers must be to be rid of this guy.  there is NO DOUBT that AB is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL, that is not the issue here, the issue is how much of a distraction this guy is off the field.  The drama he brings to whatever team is playing for is a major distraction.  He makes it all about him, his feelings, his needs and his “I am entitled to do what i want” attitude is a cancer to any team that happens to have him on their roster.  the raiders don’t need any more drama, especially since the eyes of the football world are glued to their TV screens right now watching Hard Knocks on HBO.  This is all about him and he intends to have the spotlight fixed directly on him and no one else.  First he ruffles the feather of Mike Tomlin and the Steelers late last season, being the diva he is, then he comes to Oakland and then decides to go into a chryo chamber and get frostbite on his feet because the didn’t prepare properly.  Then this whole thing with the helmet-gate or whatever you want to call it, is nothing more than wanting all eyes on him.  I have been saying this ever since he left Pittsburgh, he will not be as good in Oakland as he was in Pittsburgh.  He is their #1 receiver  and then after that you have Tyrell Williams and Hunter Renfro in the #2 & 3 spot.  So basically, he is going to get double teamed all season long and the guys behind him are gonna have to carry the load, which does not bode well for the Raiders.  they are a sub .500 team and once they start losing AB is gonna start pointing fingers and more than likely it will be at Derek Carr, followed closely by Jon Gruden. 

Moving on to a few other “divas” in the NFL.  First, the news out of Dallas today is that Dak Prescott turned down a contract worth $30m/yr and wanted something closer to $40m/yr.  Zeke is still in Cabo, holding out for a new contract, despite the fact he still has two years left on his current contract, and Melvin Gordon thinks he is worthy of a top-five RB in the NFL type contract.  I have news for Gordon, he isn’t a top five RB, he is barely a top-ten RB and if he decides to pull a Le’veon Bell and hold out the season, he is in for a rude awakening.  No one will want to touch him.  He is injury-prone and cannot finish an entire season without spending at least part of the season on the IR.  I advise Gordon to play, prove yourself this season that you DESERVE the big payday and then you can get paid.  Same goes for Zeke…  man I love this guy, I followed him in college (hello!! Buckeys!!) and have been impressed, but to hold out with TWO YEARS left on your contract, that’s being petty.  And as for Dak, you wanna hold out for $40 mil, but I got news for ya man, you aren’t even the best player on the offensive side of the ball for the Cowboys, and the guy who is, wont get $40 mil either… just sayin…

With the NFL season upon us I wold like to provide some advice to those of you that play fantasy football.  if the league you are involved with has their fantasy draft on ANY DAY prior to the fourth preseason game, get out.  no draft should be held prior to the last preseason game.  At the very least, no draft should be held prior to the third game.  injuries ruin fantasy seasons, and if you draft prior to game three and then one of the players you drafted gets hurt in the third preseason game, where most starters will play up to an entire half of football, you’re in the wrong league.  Your commissioner is an idiot and has no business running a fantasy football league, because he is drafting in week two of the preseason, he is setting up the entire league up for failure, because if Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers tear an ACL AFTER you draft, you’re screwed…  Be smart and find a league that drafts the Monday or Tuesday before the start of the season, or at the very least the Saturday or Sunday of the last week of the preseason.

On to more important matters…  The Indians have the best record in baseball since June, they were 11 games back of the Twins on June 2, and as of last night they are now tied for first in the Central Division of the AL.   They are the hottest team in baseball and can expect Corey Kluber back in the lineup in the next couple of weeks.  they added a couple of big bats to the lineup with a recent trade, including Yasiel Puig.  MLB is heating up and I can’t wait to see what happens.  #GoTribe, and lets win the division first… then anything can happen.

I want to give a shout-out to a good friend of mine, he isn’t on the block chain, but he was a sportswriter for over 40 years and he joined my show last night for the first time.  I have known Ken Costlow for nearly 20 years, and in that time he has always had a smart take on sports, no matter which one he was talking about, and he always has a quick story to tell and has a quick wit.  Ken, I want to thank you for joining the Sports Nerds last night Link Here  it was great having you on and I look forward to you joining us again.  he brings strong content and his knowledge of NFL and MLB is second to none.  He would make a great addition to the Sports Nerds team, and I am glad to call him friend.

Be sure and follow me on the block chain…  join us each and every Sunday night at 7:30 PM eastern time for the Sports Nerds… we discuss everything going on in the sports world, and @jongolson gets to brag about his Raptors winning the NBA Championship, much to my chagrin.  We have a lot of fun, it gives us a chance to let go, say whatever we want, and at the same time, provide quality content.  Catch us on Vimm –   Facebook ( ) and if you cant catch us live, watch the replay on Dtube. 

Have a great night… and be good to each other…

Scott – The Sports Nerd

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