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  1. Wow Scott! I thought the original was great, but this is over the top!

    I try to remember every day “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want” Zig Ziglar

    Thanks Scott!

  2. I agree with most of this, however one thing I think is extremely important and worth expanding upon is the “First of all… get over yourself, be humble, don’t be bigger than the shoes on your feet.”

    Often times people are so busy trying to prove a point, or trying to be right, that they are missing out on the real opportunities that come along with conversation… learning.

    I’d much rather have a conversation where I find out I’m wrong. I’d rather it be known that I was wrong, then to think I was right and not be. How am I going to grow as a person, or a business, if I’m so convinced that my method is so right that I’ll remain blind to everything else and miss the opportunities that lie before me.

    As far as ‘bragging’ .. I see where you are coming from, however I think it’s more of a society thing.. Unfortunately most people measure others success by their wealth accumulation, and their wealth accumulation is displayed by the kind of car they drive, suit they wear, or house they live in. Online however, none of these things are visible, so people will sometimes need to feel the need to share what they have purchased or brag about their income in hopes of making them appear successful, also when you first reach success it’s something you have worked so hard for and you want to share the experience with people.. many just don’t know a very tactful way of displaying it.. I don’t think it’s so much as a ‘feel that you have to BRAG about your success’ as much as a declaration and celebration of accomplishment.. more of a psychological thing…

    • John,

      Thanks for replying!!

      You mentioned being wrong, and learning from your mistakes. I believe that this goes right along with being humble, in that if you are not humble you never admit to your mistakes and grow as an owner or as a person.

      thanks again for reading…

  3. Excellent Post Scott, and I love your addendum

    Dare I say it that even some of the so called giants need to take note of this post, it applies to all.
    after all it is humility is a key and those that are not humble, find out pretty quick by the lack of support

  4. So this post is about TE owners and making a living from being a TE owner. I am happy you pointed out how the scammers operate…trouble is they operate much the same as the non scammers. TE owners can create something called a list of prospects. They can then promote whatever program they want to an active “list”. This list from their members is where the money is at not the TE itself. The scammers take that list and run. Often selling that list to their friends. Non scammers who just promote their programs to their “list” or the TE or TEs they own get to be known, liked, and trusted and can make a good living even from the scammers by luring folks to their “legitimate” TE. As a member of a few TE’s; paid to sites; 3 mailing list sites; and 10 survey/shopping sites. I enjoy watching the show and earn enough to pay for the internet bill and a little more on top. I can also promote my blog on most of those sites for just a little effort or small upgrades. My real source of internet income is selling products online. I am treasure hunter online and offline and it is a fun hobby. Making a living online is about finding a product or service and getting folks to buy buy buy. Many scammers don’t really start out to become a scam.. folks just don’t buy or stop buying so they try again to get them to buy.
    It is true that persistence is necessary and when folks ain’t buying you got to change something by adding new services, lowering prices, or adding new products and the successful folks do that. The unsuccessful or scammers don’t. So in a nutshell I do my online thing as a hobby not a living. I wish you success at your endeavors to earn your living through TE’s and I hope this helped you. Good Luck.

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