So, Rob Gronkowski has decided to retire. the question is not whether or not he is a hall-of-famer but the question is, as we discussed on The
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last night, is whether or not he is the greatest Tight End in the history of the NFL. I say no, as there were many that came before him that I feel are better… Tony Gonzales, John Mackey, Shannon Sharpe, Ozzie Newsome (GO BROWNS), and my favorite, Kellen Winslow, just to name a few. Gronk was the greatest of his era, no doubt, but the greatest of all time, no I don’t think so. His longevity is an issue for me. he only played 9 years, and the only players to play less and still make the Hall of Fame were Terrell Davis and Gayle Sayers. Jim Brown played 9 years, Barry Sanders played 10, is Gronk on their level? Well, maybe not but I do feel he is a Hall of Fame player and will reside in the Hall when his time comes. I am not sure if he will be a first ballot (despite the praises of the media) but he is a Hall of Famer in my book. With all of that being said, I know a lot of AFC East teams and fans that will be happy to see Gronk is no longer on the Patriots roster for 2019.

The Sweet Sixteen is set, and this weekend’s games did not disappoint, with the nail-biter in the UCF-Duke game being the most exciting of them all. I was watching that game during the show and wow how could that ball not fall in at the end. UCF nearly pulled off the upset and Duke escapes with the win and a trip to the Sweet Sixteen for the (I think) 26th time in its history. That is the most for any school in NCAAA division one and is a testament to Coach K (you think I am going to try and spell his name?) and the program at Duke. However, on a more somber note, and this is another topic we discussed on the show last night (you should really come see us) is the exploitation of these college athletes to the point where they get no reward for their performance and their names and likenesses are exploited to the point that CBS even created a “Zion Cam” to cover Zion Williamson exclusively, CBS gets to use this kid’s name and likeness to make money, while at the same time, the schools involved in the tournament and the NCAA itself make billions off of these kids. I am in favor of paying these athletes, but the scope of that payment is a gray area for me as I am not exactly sure by what method to compensate them. Some will argue that the education these kids get as compensation is enough, but if you look at the scope of the amount of money the schools and the NCAA get for the tournament, as well as NCAA Football and the Bowl Games it pales in comparison. Pay these kids!!!

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