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  1. Just to see it from a different side as well you know I like to look from all angles before deciding (Not decided if I will be using new icons yet btw) But if the TE has new Icons that require you to be able to read English then is that not a bonus for people promoting sites that are in English. It surely makes the TE more targeted to people who can read your site and therefore people that cant read English (as they cant ready your ad also they are not much use to you) are meaning your credits are not being wasted as much.

    Also the Icons are designed to stop auto bots that are already set up, the bots will get improved but it is some help at present I think. Surely as a surfer and advertiser you want the best results from your time. If this means say just 1% of bad traffic is bypassed then on your 5k pages a day your saving 50 credits per day 🙂 thats 50 more times your ad is shown for better results.

    Just my thoughts but I know no one cares about my thoughts 🙂

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