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  1. Fear is definitely a massively constricting emotion… but it can be useful.

    Traditionally we have fear, because it keeps us alive. If a maniac is chasing you with a knife, fear helps you respond correctly… in this situation a lack of fear can lead to your demise.

    After hundreds of years of evolution, our fear receptors have not changed with us.. while our fears generally do keep us safe (for example: my rent gets paid every month because my fear of being homeless makes sure I write my check on time) but sometimes they can hold us back.. for example I could have perhaps invested $100 of that rent (or $100 worth of my time) and leveraged it into $200… the modern term for ‘fear’ is risk aversion.. am I willing to risk that $100? What if I lose it? That of course varies from person to person.

    When you get into fear, and risk aversion, it becomes a very emotional and psychological situation.. it changes from the reality of our odds (risk) of success, and instead of looking objectively, your mind goes to your personal experience… how many times has this happened, and what happened then?

    It’s very, very difficult to look at these sort of situations objectively, and of course it is a lot easier to keep things as they are, then to try and “throw it all away” and try something new, even though trying something new could pay off massively..

    You’re in quite the dilemma.. before I decided to commit to my own business, I worked for Walmart.. of course my skills could have landed me a better job, but overall I was fairly satisfied with my employment there.. but like with your situation, the owner of the company had passed away, and his children inherited the business.. from that point on there was an obvious culture shift… the previous culture was that of preparation – have double the staff so you can handle the peaks, to having minimum staff, and dealing with the potential loss because of the savings in payroll.. it’s no question that the company has been in a constant decline, the values changed – and the corporation has suffered.. I’m not saying that will happen to your company, but there is always that risk…and again we come to risk aversion.. is it more Risky, to not take the risk, to not take the leap? In my case.. I’ve ended up a lot better off from taking that leap, not only financially, but more importantly – emotionally, leaving me much more fulfilled.

    We come across the crossroads, and they are never easy.. but one thing that helps is to try (easier said than done) to take a step back and look objectively.. what is it exactly that you like about the business, or the job? What are your goals? Is what you are doing fulfilling that? Could it be better fulfilled? The answer will come to you when you are able to detach yourself from the situation – understand your needs, wants, and goals.. and evaluate if they are being fulfilled.

    To me, it comes across as though you’ve already made your decision. The thought is clearly on your mind, and it seems like you already know what you WANT to do.. but like you said it is that fear.. it is that risk aversion that holds you back.

    What if you fail? What if you are giving up a job that you are OK with, and end up with something you hate, something that leaves you worse off? But.. what if you don’t?

  2. I remember the day I quit my offline gig to focus full time online….Was driving a courier van, in the middle of west bubble Saskatchewan….Saw that I was making about 300-500 bucks every 2 weeks….Said my life was worth more than that, quit and focused 100% online.

    Not suggesting you quit because bro, it’s scary dude. All you have is yourself to make your money. No one to blame, no one to point the finger at….Just you!

    It’s a time in life that only you will know is right. No one has the answer for you, but about the fear, you’ll see that the things we fear most aren’t that bad…Just need to *ahem* get out of your comfort zone daily 😉

  3. Scott, I don’t know you. I have seen your picture and recognize your face but that’s about it. But, I do know your dilemma. You see other making money online. owning their own business and you think, why not me? If they can do it, I can do it. And, its true, if you have determination and desire, you can do anything. That doesn’t mean you “should” do it.

    Since you probably don’t know anything about me either, let me tell you a little bit. I have owned an offline business for over 20 years and an online business for over 3. Each type of business has their challenges. What I would recommend, before making any moves, is talk someone who will be brutally honest with you. Understand the financials of the industry you choose to go in to.

    There is nothing wrong with making supplemental income online. There is nothing to be ashamed if you choose to be an affiliate and not an owner.

    Fear can can affect our daily choices but it can also influence our decisions. Only you know what is right for yourself.

  4. Incredibly good post my friend.

    I am old. I have learned some things so late….

    One is that fear is universal. EVERYBODY has it. Most simply choose to roll over to it, and go on. The few, the very few, face it, spit in it’s eye and go through it. You are on the road, man.

    I read a statement from a Medal of Honor winner (I don’t remember which one). “The most heroic thing I did was decide that I was going to do everything I could to live through this”. That’s facing your fear.

    Keep ’em coming my friend!

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