August 30, 2018

I promised a post for tonight, and here it is.  I don’t have a specific topic, nor do I have a rant prepared for this post.  I do want to express my heartfelt condolences to an extended family of mine.  Harry Jones passed away in his sleep last night.  He was 91 years old.  He was the brother of my uncles first wife.  He was a remarkable man.  for many years he lived across the street from My uncle Paul (my Mothers Brother) and was a beacon of humor, of kindness, and of decency.  Harry had a contagious laugh, he could talk your ears off for hours upon end, and he was one of the most kind men I ever had the pleasure of meeting.  My heart goes out to the Jones family, and especially to my cousin Suzie, who is also a wonderful human being and kind soul. 

couple of quick hits…

Don’t sleep on the Indians AL. they are a sleeper for the World Series.. Just sayin..

The Browns will win 8 games this year so says First Ballot NFL Hall Of Famer Joe Thomas… I agree

37 days til opening day in the NHL

One week til opening day in the NFL (Go Falcons)

Josh Gordon will have 1500 receiving yards (don’t judge me)

The Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, and the Seattle Seahawks will all miss the playoffs this season.

I’ll have more tomorrow…  RIP Harry.. thank you for everything…

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