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A Rant for a Second Blog post this week…. — 10 Comments

  1. Nice Rant Scott
    I agree that Twitter does not get used by people to the best capacity, or is that Twitter users do not use it to their best capacity

    gotta say though, part of the CTP Twitter Training is to get X amount of followers, which does promote the, Please Follow me mentality, as if your status is determined by the amount of followers you get.

    Thise with millions of followers are very good at herding sheep, only thing is, it only takes one disruption for all the sheep to take a different direction.

    • Agreed, Russell. How do you think A.J. McCarron’s fiancee has over half a million twitter followers? Other than being his fiancee, she’s a nobody.

    • Russell,

      first, thanks for the comment…

      Yes the CTP training is partly about getting followers… but after you get those followers the key is to KEEP those followers.. I un-follow people all the time because they don’t know how to use Twitter.. or their tweets become the same over and over robotic mundane speak..

  2. I agree, you “ask” for a follow, you shall not get one from me. Most of my tweets on twitter are about sports. And I don’t tweet very often.

    • Gary, I follow you, but you don’t tweet…I cant remember the last time I saw you tweet anything…. maybe something you can work on… you have a lot to say.. I know… I’ve seen it….lol

      Thanks for commenting

  3. I could take this in a couple directions(you all know me). However, I’m about to do something I rarely do. Beat myself up. I am one of those that doesn’t use Twitter in the manner Scott prescribes. Yeah….I suck at it. Plainly put, when I first signed up for Twitter, my main focus was to promote items I was selling on eBay. So yeah, I used those sites to get thousands of followers quickly(bad idea, but back to that in a moment). I will say this, that method was effective when I was selling stuff on eBay. I was able to offload those products pretty damn quickly. So those thousands of followers(which I still have), I also ended up following them(really bad mistake). I had tons of crap in my Twitter feed. So, I basically didn’t use it. So after Scott had a little whiskey invoked rant in a Skype room….I went and looked at who I was following. WOW….talked about CRAP!!! I trimmed down who I was following down to about 150 people from over 900.(Kinda gonna miss some of those HOT WOMEN I was following). The point is this, I agree with Scott and I’ll put it like this: If you want to use Twitter effectively, it truly is QUALITY over QUANTITY. So don’t expect me to be ‘re-Tweeting’ things for credits, impressions, or XP any more.

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