A Fundraiser for Trudie…

I am not good at this…  this is the first time I have even tried doing something like this.  In this age of Trump and pandemics, race relations, the loss of our sports I cant help but look to individual stories and tragedies.  I have known Trudie Prime Knox and Steve Knox for 15 years…  We have not hung out regularly, specifically because I am in Lakeland and they are in Tampa, and I don’t get to Tampa very often…  Despite all this I always knew in the back of my mind that if ever I needed to reach out and talk to someone Steve was always there and he would not question my motive or wonder why I am reaching out to HIM, he would help if he could, or he would point me in the right direction if he couldn’t help me.  He wasn’t a huge sports fan that I know of, nor was he a part of my inner circle, but I know he would walk through fire for me or any of his friends.  His wife, Trudie has a warm heart, a quirky sense of humor and from what Steve posted on Facebook, a really good cook.  What I do know is how much she loves him, and how much he loved her.  They were the odd  couple, two people you would never think would get together and spend their life with each other, but there they were, spending years together and never losing the respect or love for one another. 

Now that I have presented the premise and the impression of how they feel for each other, the subject of this post need to be brought to light.  You see…  Steve passed away rather suddenly last month, in the home, non-COVID related, and Trudie is struggling.  Because he died in the home, and Trudie found him, she cant bear to live in the home anymore, she is lost without him, and she doesn’t have very much in the form of income or savings.  So I am reaching out to the “innerwebs” asking for help.  I started a GoFundMe for Trudie to possibly help with her expenses and provide a new start for her.  She really could use some help and I know of no other way to try and get as much help and peace of mind as she possibly can after going through such trauma and heartache.  If you are able to donate, thank you, but if you aren’t, I ask that you share this post with everyone that you can possibly think of that could help.  whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, The Blockchain or by picking up the phone and calling someone…  Please help get the word and finds this woman some help…

Here is Steve’s Facebook page


Trudie’s Facebook page:


And finally the GoFundMe page:


Thank you for whatever you can do….  she needs all the help and love we can give her…

Scott “The Sports Nerd”

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