Cleveland-Pittsburgh and Week 6 in the NFL

Browns-Steelers…  2020 version…  No one is giving the Browns ANY CHANCE this weekend when the Browns face the Steelers on Sunday.  I have news for everyone…  this game wil be closer than people think.  you look at the injury report and it is a who’s who of Cleveland players on the list.  the most prominent of all are OBJ, Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry, all listed as questionable for Sunday’s game, kickoff at 1:00 pm eastern.  I have a feeling that despite all of the aches and pains these guys are feeling, they wil be active come Sunday…  the reason of course, is because it’s PITTSBURGH, the most hated team on any Brown’s fans list.  We have hated Pittsburgh for more than 50 years, and it will never be anything else BUT hate.  I predict that the players will be more motivated for this game than any other game thus far on the schedule, it is an opportunity for them to take one more step towards taking control of the division and I BELIEVE they are up to the task… so GO BROWNS and beat Pittsburgh

A week 6 preview in the eyes of The Sports Nerd…  many will agree, some will not, that doesn’t matter, because we all have our opinions, but this is what I see on the few major matchups leading up to week 6 of the NFL season:

Green Bay vs Tampa Bay – Brady vs Rogers…  Aaron is on a mission, after being slapped in the face at the draft, where GB drafted his “potential” replacement he has played with a chip on his shoulder and seems determined to show than he has not lost a step.  everything he has done this season has proven him right.  At this time in history, at this time in the NFL…  Aaron Rogers is a better QB than Tom Brady. He has a better arm, and he has a better mindset in 2020.  Brady has the weapons, but Aaron has the talent.  Packers come to Ray-Jay and beat the home team 35-28

LA Rams vs SF 49’ers – The 9ers have QB issues,  and the Rams have the best DL in football  (sorry Myles Garrett) in Aaron Donald.  Jimmy is coming off an ankle injury and a poor performance last week against the Dolphins.  Yes… THE DOLPHINS…  The SF defense gave up 43 points to Fitzmagic and the Phin’s last week so the run heavy Rams are looking to take advantage of that.  This one wont be pretty, the Rams will run the ball down the throat of the SF defense and Jimmy G will once again have a bad game….    Rams – 35-14

Kansas City vs Buffalo – The Chiefs added Le’veon Bell to their roster, though due to COVID-19 restrictions he will not play this weekend.  the Chiefs looked vulnerable last week against the Chargers and Patrick Mahomes looked pedestrian against that suffocating LA defense.  On the other hand, Buffalo got manhandled by Tennessee on Tuesday night and Josh Allen did not look good.  so with both teams coming off loses in week 5, they will both be hungry for wins this week.  I give the Bills a bit of an advantage because they are at home, but that really hasn’t played out as said advantage all season, mostly because of the absence or reduced amount of fans allowed in the stadiums.  the Bills homefield advantage will not be an advantage this week as they will lose their 2nd straight game to a better team – sorry @jongolson …  Chiefs – 35-30

Cleveland vs Pittsburgh – This is the only game I care about this week.  Baker has sore ribs…  Jarvis has a sore hip… OBJ was ill this week and held out of practice (COVID test negative).  they are all listed as questionable as of this writing for the game on Sunday.  I think they will all play, I believe the running game will dominate this game for both teams.  Baker has a better arm right now than Ben does, but Ben always manages to get the ball to his favorite guys.  Neither defense is playing particularly well right now, but the Browns offense has been clicking on all cylinders with 4 straight games of 30+ points per game.  The Browns haven’t won in Heinz Field since 2003…  that drought ends Sunday…  Browns 31 – 24

It will be a good week for football…  however I do wish that there were more than 2 late games this week…  Makes for a difficult follow on RedZone.  I may actually forgo RedZone after the early games and just watch Tampa and GB on Fox…

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What am I doing?…

I had a really good talk with a close friend of mine tonight and he opened up some old wounds from my past and now it is all I can think about.  I look back on my history, from the age of three and my first memories to the last thirty plus years and how my life has always managed to not live up to my potential.  The fact is, I never really knew what my potential was, and to be honest, I don’t know even today, at 53 (54 on Sunday) that I know what exactly my potential is.  There have been times where I thought I knew where I was going to excel, but life got in the way.  Perfect examples were culinary chef, computer programmer, professional golfer (shut up), making a ton of money in the car business, and most recent, perfect husband and father.  In regards to the latter two, I crashed and burned more than any single human could ever fail.  I am NOT a good father, as my son can attest, and as both of my ex-wives can testify, I am not a great husband, in fact I am terrible at relationships on a wide scale to the point where I am practically toxic.  I made the decision after my last divorce that relationships are not for me and I am secure at being a bachelor the rest of my life so as not to hurt another woman that I care about.  Harsh words, I know, but trust me, I am happier this way and the potential women that could have been in my life are better off for it.

I digress…  back on subject, what am I doing?  I have my feet in a few different pools… I work for a good company, I love what I do, and the people I work with are great people.  I am respected, I am liked and I can truly say the one part of my life that is stable and in a good place is my professional life.  My boss respects and likes me, (the feeling is mutual) same with the CEO and those in charge of the company.  I am considered a resource, maybe not an expert, but I know enough to be a go-to person for clarity and logical reason.  I have earned the respect of my peers and I suppose that is all I can ask for, because I really enjoy what I do, and that makes up for all of the insecurity the rest of my life is at this point in time.  Insecurity, where do I begin… first, I am overweight, a dead horse I continue to beat into the ground, I am lazy, refuse to work out or exercise, I eat bad food, I make bad personal choices and do not listen to the advice of those that love and care for me, to include my mother and Shauna, my most recent ex-wife, whom I adore and love with all of my heart to this day (and always will) .  I am currently on 8 different prescription medications because of the bad choices I have made over the last 30 years, due to obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, colitis, and most recently, diabetes…  despite all of these health problems I continue to eat what I want, I live a stagnant and inactive lifestyle, probably drink more than I should, and despite knowing what I can do to make changes, continue to live this destructive life to the point where I finally have concerns about my mortality. 

Before anyone calls the intervention police, know this…  I am relatively happy.  I look at these bad habits as part of life, and find ways to remove myself from the negative and look at the positive.  I have a lot of people in my life that care about me, and for that I am blessed, bringing me back to the conversation I had earlier tonight with this good friend.  He is able to place and put things into perspective regarding what I am doing with my life and what I need to reflect on and focus on moving forward.  You see, all of my issues revolve around one specific thing that has molded me into the person I am today.  The one aspect I can look at and understand why I am the person I am today is due to the male role models in my life over the last 50 years. 

My father was a bastard, and though I try to remember the good things, I realize all he ever did was berate me and tell me I would never amount to anything , that I was a failure, a disappointment to him and that he didn’t respect me.  I have a physical disability that I was born with and it seemed to me that he was disappointed in me because of this disability so he took it out on me by berating me and telling me that I was no good.  He was like that up until the day he died.  I had not spoken to him in years, no communication, no letters, no phone calls, and I heard of his death from my mom via phone call in November of 1996.  His death brought out a lot of anger in me because of how bad our relationship was, and because we never reconciled those issues, thus causing an empty feeling in my heart and soul because I never got the chance to express how I felt.  Despite all of this, I love him, and I know he loved me, but we were never really able to tell each other how we felt, and that is one of the things I regret most in my life.

My mother remarried in 1986 when I was 19 years old and the man she married has treated her like a queen for 34 years.  He places her first over everything and cherishes her more than he does his own life.  Despite all of that, he has treated me the same way as my father, never encouraging, never positive, always a criticism of me and the person I am.  I was not exactly welcoming to him when they got married, and I guess you could call it rebelling over the fact that this man was now my step father but not my actual father, so I pushed him, I did things that pissed him off, and for that he has never been kind.  I guess I can’t blame him, but it is 30 plus years later and he still has moments when he decides it is pertinent to through out a criticism or a disparaging remark at me just to get under my skin.  Needless to say there has not been a lot of positive interaction with him and I, but because of how he treats my mother I have some affection for him and appreciate the way he has treated her.  In my own weird way I love him for that,  but the comments and attitude continues and in the back of my mind it is in those moments where my self-esteem is affected and the doubt takes control. 

So all of the above brings me to today…  What am I doing?  where do I go from here with my limited time left on this rock?  My dad died at 63, and I cant help but think that is my destiny as well, dying younger than I should, with nothing to show for it, with nothing accomplished, just another no-name that died with nothing to leave behind.  Just a blip on the wide expanse of history, with no one knowing I was even here, and no footprint to leave for those that are left behind.  I put on a happy face for the public, but these thoughts are constantly in my mind, and I wonder what I can do to change things in the later years of my life.  Will I go with a whimper or will my presence be known and remembered for all eternity.  How do I go about making my mark on this world so that I am remembered and fondly remembered?  Am I going to allow my insecurities and my doubts dictate the rest of my life?  Am I going to continue to be cautious and not take the chances I know I should take to make a difference, to make an impact on people?  Fear is a strong emotion, and I have been fearful of taking chances, to jump off of that ledge and let fate decide if I am successful or not.  I have been afraid of taking chances all of my life, that doing the conservative thing is better for me, because I was raised to believe that I was incapable of excellence, and that taking chances was dangerous and it is better that I just ignore the opportunity and do the safe thing.

The change begins now…  I will  no longer allow my past to dictate my future… I have a lot of growing yet to do, and I will lean on those that care for me, encourage me, provide a positive impact on me to move forward and not allow the negativity to control my life.  I have been through a lot, from heartache to heartbreak…  from disappointment to despair… I look back and realize there are so many things I would do different, from walking away from toxic relationships, friendships, jobs, and bad decisions.  I decide now to focus on the positive, to focus on being better, being the person I was meant to be.   It all begins and end with the man in the mirror and the sky is the limit. I will become a sponge and soak in all of what I need to be better, to make an impact, to move forward and to eventually die knowing I made an impact.  It is time for a change, and though I know it won’t happen overnight, I am committed to making that change for the better and coming out at the other side a better person and an example for those that come behind me.

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No, I will NOT just shut up and dribble…

There are several topics I would much rather be writing about than social justice…  The NHL Playoffs are in full swing, coming off a high last night where the Lightning won in dramatic fashion against the hated Bruins in OT, the NBA Playoffs also in full swing (until today), with the big stories being the Dallas Mavericks and Luka Doncic with his heroics, the Lakers an their dominant performance against Portland, the drama of Milwaukee and Orlando.  Then we have Major League Baseball, which seemed to be coming out of all its issues with positive COVID testing, giving us great baseball including the season’s first no-hitter, not to mention the first no-hitter by a White Sox pitcher in 8 years.  NFL Training Camp is in full bloom, a lot of stories coming out of camp including Tom Brady and the Bucs, Aaron Rogers and his “look back” at his 2010 self,  finding perhaps the one thing that can bring him back to form, or so h says, Cam and New England, OBJ and Baker on the same page, Big Ben and his comeback in Pittsburgh, and of course, which brings me to the actual topic I am writing about, The Detroit Lions and the cancellation of practice yesterday to protest yet another senseless shooting of an unarmed black man in Wisconsin Sunday…

What I have to say will not sit right with some of my followers, and frankly, to be honest I don’t give a shit.  I am an old, overweight white man, I have never been subjected harassment because of the color of my skin.  I have never been nervous or afraid for my life when being pulled over by a police officer.  I do not have as sense of privilege because of the color of my skin, I have struggled for decades because of my actions or lack of action to make my situation better.  However,  I look at my friends of color and see that despite my struggles, they pale in comparison because of the systematic racism in this country.  whether you are black, white, Latino, Asian,  green or purple, you need to come to the realization it exists, and it has existed for over 400 years on the North American Continent and it was on the backs of black people and other minorities this country was built.  But enough of the history lesson, because my conservative right-wing friends and family will disagree with me.

George Floyd… Breonna Taylor… now Jacob Blake, it doesn’t stop…  Until actual action is taken, it more than likely won’t stop, but here are no signs that any action is going to be taken anytime soon.  There are a couple of articles that I have read over the past few days that have really hit home with me.  I come from a small town in Ohio, population maybe 2,500 in which instances of racism have been happening for years.  I became aware of this due to Facebook posts from a cousin of mine whose daughter is half black and has experienced these instances first-hand, only to see the MAYOR of Garrettsville turn a blind eye to all of it.  the story is here: .

This is exactly what is going on in my hometown right now, and it is affecting FAMILY, despite the fact I have not seen my cousin in four decades, it does not change the fact that she is family and it outrages me to see her and her daughter going through this.  Her mother, my aunt, was one my most favorite people in the whole world, so I am a little protective of my family, time and distance doesn’t change this and I hope she knows that my heart is with her and I am praying for her and her kids to be safe and healthy.  How hard should it be for one human being to walk down the street without having to worry about being harassed and targeted because o the color of their skin.  Again, this isn’t Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, or even Florida, where I live, this is Northeast Ohio for goodness sakes, what the hell has happened to my hometown???

To deny there is systematic racism in this country is to accept it and encourage it.  Silence speaks volumes, and I refuse to be silent.  Breaking news tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks protested by sitting out game 5 o their series against the Orlando magic tonight, an subsequently, the entire NBA schedule for tonight was cancelled altogether.  The WNBA has also postponed their gams tonight in protest, MLB games may be postponed as well, and professional players from all sports leagues are speaking out against the injustice being shown live on social media and national TV to the country, while the Republican National Convention is allowing vigilantes and white supremacists to speak, and inciting more violence with their words.  Yes, there are riots in Kenosha Wisconsin, but that is because people are tired of not being heard, tired that the peaceful protests that have been going on for 5 months have fallen on deaf ears. 

Last night Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, travelled across state lines from Illinois to Wisconsin with an AR-15 and killed two protestors and wounded a third.  There is video of him receiving WATER from police officers and being told by said officers they were “glad he was here” and allowed him to walk past them AFTER the shootings, all the while still brandishing his weapon like it as normal behavior.  He was charged with murder today, but only after returning to his home.  His social media history is full of misogyny and white supremacy, yet he was allowed easy access to an AR-15.  Oh and so I don’t forget… he was seen in the front row of a Trump rally in January, this is what the rhetoric of the current resident of the White House has created, and don’t even think about coming at me with “Trump derangement syndrome” cause I don’t have that made up conservative talking point. 

I’m not here to change the mind of Trump fans, cause the man could commit murder (see Russian bounties) and they would still love him.  No the purpose of this post is to bring attention to the obvious fact that systematic racism in fact DOES exist in this country, and until action is taken, it will continue unabated and encouraged by the radical right wing of the Republican Party, and to deny this is to be blind of the facts.  Denial is not an option, nor is finger pointing at progressives or the previous administration.  While Liberals and Progressives fight for justice, conservatives believe it is ok for 17 year old’s brandishing an AR-15 is to maintain order and kill innocent protestors.

I’m out…

The Sports Nerds are spreading their wings…

sitting here watching the Lightning taking on Columbus in game 3 of their first round series in the NHL playoffs.  it is 1st period…  6 minutes to go, and it is tied 0-0.  first day o a weeks vacation, I will be here at home, not going anywhere, just chilling at home.  I have some home projects I want to get taken care of so I will be spending a lot of my time doing that, but I am off for 9 days total and will be resting, refocusing, and attempting to get to a good place during this pandemic.  Breaking in a new  keyboard and mouse as well (mechanical) so typos will be prevalent until I get used to it. 

I don’t have a lot of sports on my mind today so I will try and focus on other things going on.  I am concerned with the..  GOAL!!!!! TB up 1-0… USPS and the appearance of the federal governments attempt to sabotage the election…  It is a real issue, and I wil be following this issue closely as we get closer to election day…  be advised that I will probably speak up as we get near  November, and I know I won’t be alone… there are so many issues and events taking place across the country that sports seems to be the least of our concerns.  Yes it is good to see the majority of sports return, and it is better for our sanity that we have sports to take our minds off the rest of the bad news going on.  But I wont deviate from the news, nor have a blind mind knowing that we are in a critical time in our history. 

With that being said…  I would like to promote our show tomorrow night, The Sports Nerds are expanding their platform beginning with our epic show tomorrow night when we welcome Ron “Hockeypedia” Gallo to the show as a special guest to talk about the Stanley Cup Playoffs and do some trivia.  He is the in-rink announcer for the Prince George Spruce Kings of the British Columbia Hockey League – a minor league hockey team in Canada.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Ron for several years and he has been a guest and supporter of The Sports Nerds for a long time.  Ron has forgotten more about hockey than I wil lever know, and it will be an honor to have him on the show tomorrow night.  In addition to having Ron on the show, we are also rolling out our expanded broadcasting platform. 

For the last few months our show has only been available on Face Book Live, through Zoom, but this week we are proud to roll out three more platforms where you can watch…  In addition to Face Book, we wil also be available on My YouTube channel, Periscope (Twitter) and VIMM on the #HIVE blockchain.  This move is to to expand our visibility and to reach more viewers.  I am hoping this will take the Nerds to another level in regards to exposure, so please get the word out and join us tomorrow night at 7pm eastern for 90+ minutes of sports talk and a great guest that Ron will provide in regards to content.  See the links a the bottom of this post to watch the show tomorrow and I hope to see you all there.

Later Nerds…

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The Indians cant hit….

The last few days have really tested my patience…  I got called out the last time I made a serious political post on my personal blog, my host got some nasty emails and since then I have been behaving myself.  I respect him too much to expose him to harassment from the nut jobs out there that have an issue with free speech.  With all of that being said, I just want to say that we have less than 100 days til the election and 4 years ago we all felt there was no way she could lose, that there was no way he could win the elections  Well it happened, and with the announcement this week of the ticket, no matter how strong it appears to be, we need to be vigilant and not get to complacent, so all I have to say without getting controversial is to vote, don’t listen to polls, don’t listen to media, and by all means if you are registered, VOTE!  The future is too important and I encourage all Americans to vote your conscience.  That’s all I have to say about that because any deeper and my host will be getting another email…

Now that my politics side has had it’s say, it is time to get to the meat and potatoes of this post…

I am in the mood to rant about the Cleveland Indians tonight, major league baseball and the fact the team that has the 2nd lowest ERA in the entire league are also, the worst hitting team in the major league.  The Indians only trail the St. louis Cardinals in opponent bating average, and the Cardinals have only played 5 GAMES!!!  Yet the lineup cant hit their way out of a wet paper bag.  They have a .195 batting average as a team, and they have been able to score 2 or more runs in just 7 of 19 games since the season started.  they are inept, they are dismal, and for a team loaded with so much talent they have not lived up to their potential.  Can we please be reminded this is a 60-game season and 162 games?  it is a sprint not a marathon and the Indians bats need to wake up. 

With Plesac and Clevinger now on the Restricted list because they could not stay in their hotel rooms in Chicago, the pitching staff may now be in trouble, and that is the only thing that has been keeping the Tribe in games over this horrendous hitting stretch.  With Tito back with the team after his health scare I hope he can light a fire under these guys and get them in a groove.  They have a weekend series coming up against the Tigers in Detroit, maybe facing an awful team (despite being one game behind them in the division) will get their bats going. 

Five things that are on my mind tonight… (despite the Indians)

    • Nebraska Football is thinking about playing anyway despite the Big 10 canceling the season.  If they do that will they be thrown out of the conference?  Not that they have ever been close to a Big 10 championship, so does it even matter?
    • the NBA and NHL have succeeded in a bubble… could the NFL and MLB institute a bubble for the playoffs and could they make it work?
    • Augusta National has stated they will not have fans at The Masters in November, will that detract the importance or the excitement without the weekend roars we are so used to hearing in past years?
    • The Phoenix Suns are undefeated in the bubble… 8-0 and are on the brink of making the NBA playoffs for the first time in 10 years
    • (For Jon) – The Toronto Raptors are STILL the NBA Champions

Have a good night Nerds….


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