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So, let me try this again.  they say if you do a thing over and over again it becomes habit.  I’m going to try and post once a day, and if I do that it will mean that a lot of my posts will be short and sweet, cover one topic, and not get too deep into the subject. 

I have perused the blogs here at Steam and all I am seeing is fantasy advice, betting lines, contests and a whole bunch of no content.  I give you opinion, share stories, and just overall talk about sports.  I have YET to see anyone go that route, and for that I am n grateful, because that just happens to be where I excel.  I am unfiltered, I tell it how my brain thinks it and I refuse to pander to you just to win your upvotes or steam, I am no-nonsense and I am raw.  I hope that by providing good content and commentary I will earn both your upvotes AND your Steam.  so..  BUCKLE UP..  Real Sports talk has come to Steam and I have no filter, whether it be here on the blog or on the weekly Sports Nerds Show every Sunday night at 7 eastern on D-Live

Let me start tonight with two big contract signings this  week in the NFL.  First Odell Beckham Jr signed a contract with the Giants for 5 years and $95 million, with a signing bonus of $20 million and $65 million guaranteed.  This is good for Odell, but although I have seen signs of brilliance, I want to see how good he is over the long haul, because he will be coming off his rookie contract and he hasn’t been in the league long enough for me to say he is elite.  He was injured last year and now the Giants are going to fork over $95 million to a guy that had a fractured ankle, along with ligament damage, not to mention let alone hasn’t taken a snap in the preseason this year.  I hope I am wrong, I like OBJ and the energy and personality he brings to the NFL, I am just cautiously optimistic coming off such a gruesome injury.

Today, the Green Bay Packers announced they have come to term with Aaron Rogers on a 4-year contract extension for $134 million with a guaranteed $100 million.  this is the polar opposite of how I feel about OBJ.  Rogers is a proven commodity, including a Super bowl ring and arguable the best QB in the NFL over the last 10+ years.  This keeps him in Green Bay for the rest of his career, not that it was ever in doubt, and allows him to focus on the upcoming season and put this issue to bed.  I am not a Packers fan, but I love me some Aaron Rogers and he is always fun to watch.  Congrats to him for getting PAID..

The Jets traded Teddy Bridgewater to the Saints.  congrats Teddy you are now in the unenviable position of being overshadowed by a future first ballot Hall of Famer in Drew Brees.  I imagine he had no say in this decision because Teddy has a lot to prove after coming off of a gruesome injury that sidelined him for over a year.  Part of him has to be pissed that he wont get a chance to start, and instead will be relegated to a clipboard and earpiece.  I feel bad for him, but the bright side of this is he DOES get to be in the room with Sean Payton and Drew Brees learning how to make a run at a championship. 

With the trade of Bridgewater to New Orleans this means that Sam Darnold is now the starting QB for the N.Y.   J-E-T-S  Jets!!  He’s gonna get killed when those blitzing linebacker jump through the weak offensive line and put him in concussion protocol week one, leaving Josh McDaniel to take over while he recovers.  I am not HOPING for it, but I can see it happening.  Good luck Sam..  yer gonna need it, the Jets suck and they will fight for the cellar position in the AFC East along with the Buffalo Bills this year (Sorry Jon). 

Finally, to close this rant, I can’t go without giving a shoutout to  Mychal Kendricks for being indicted for insider trading.  One more thing to go wrong for my beloved Browns.  He knew this was coming when he was signed by the Browns, but it appears that he failed to disclose this information to his new employer.  If this is the case the Browns need to put him on the next bus to wherever his trial will be held.  His career may very well be over, and he has no one to blame but himself for being in this situation.  Good Riddance…

Have a good night…  Until tomorrow…

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