The NBA and NHL Conference Finals

So we have come to the time of year that to me, is both super exciting and “not so much” at the same time.  You all know I am not a fan of the NBA, in fact if you go back in the history of my posts you will discover that I barely mention the NBA unless I am saying how terrible it is.  I quit being a fan of the NBA once MJ (Michael Jordan for you kids out there) left the game.  I didn’t like the direction it was headed and I knew that the game I loved growing up was never to be seen again.  I am a fan of the college game, especially in March and April during the tournament, but the NBA is horrible to watch simply because it is a game that no longer puts its emphasis on team play, but on the individual and superstars getting the highlight on Sports Center.  it has become about ego, and it has become less about team goals. 

That being said, on the other side of the coin we have the NHL.  The NHL Playoffs provide some of the most exiting drama filled games in the history of sport.  Why it is the fourth or fifth most popular sport in the US is beyond me.  It is non-stop action, and the athletes are probably the most conditioned athletes in the world.  If you don’t believe me then you try and skate for 3-4 minutes at a time up and down an NHL rink and then place a big stick in your hands, a heavy uniform, and try and place a 3” piece of vulcanized rubber in a goal while 5 other guys are trying to prevent you from doing this by whacking you with their sticks and knocking you against the glass or the boards.  Hockey is by far a better sport because it is a team game, you cant be an individual on the ice, you have to work in conjunction with 4 other guys on the ice to not only try and score, but prevent the other five guys on the opposing team from scoring as well.

I love sports, I am a casual fan of the NBA, I don’t live and die with the Cavs, or the Magic, and I do follow them a little, and I would love to see the Cavs win the NBA Championship for the city of Cleveland, but if they lose..  MEH..  I could care less.  However, as for the NHL, I live and breathe this time of year with the Lightning.  Every game has me on the edge of my seat, and I am sure to have woken my upstairs neighbors on more than one occasion by my screaming at the TV when the game is on.  So for those of you that love the NBA, more power to you…  Ill take the NHL any day over the NBA.

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