Oh what to write about…..

Oh what to write about..  So much happening in the Sports world.  NHL Eastern Conference finals going to a game 7 (GO BOLTS!!) NBA eastern/Western conference Finals heating up (meh) Offseason NFL News, (personal foul for kneeling?) MLB closing out month 2, oh and most importantly “The Sports Nerds” return delayed a week… 

Let’s start with the NHL.  The Washington Capitals won game 6 last night to force a game 7 in Tampa tomorrow night, and although I would have preferred the Bolts to have won game 6, I am glad game 7 is in Tampa so that the Bolts can put the Caps away on home ice in front of some of the most dedicated and rabid fans in the NHL.  Amalie Arena (It’s The Ice Palace Damnit!!!) is one of the toughest places to play in when you are a visitor and I expect the fans tomorrow night will not only be wild, but will inspire the Bolts to take home the win and face that team in Las Vegas for the Stanley Cup.  The Stanley Cup Finals begin Monday, and I fully expect the Bolts to be there. 

Lets be honest here…  I HATE the NBA (I know… Shocker!!) and what it has become in the last 20 years.  Bunch of overpaid, glory hungry “players” that care only about how many 3’s they can make or how they can make the SC Top 10 each night.  It is not the game I loved in the 80’s and 90’s with Magic, Bird, Kareem, and yes… Jordan..  I was born in NE Ohio, grew up loving the Indians and the Browns, but for some reason I never got into the Cavs, maybe it’s because they always sucked, or maybe because football was king in my household and everything revolved around the Browns.. but I never got excited about NBA Basketball.  I miss when it was all about the team, I miss when all players cared about was working together to achieve a similar goal, and that was to win together and there were no “super teams”.  Today’s NBA is a shadow of what it once was and I rarely watch.  Either way, go Cavs and I hope they win the series.  They wont beat whoever comes out of the west.. but then again.. everyone knows that.

The NFL meetings are happening and the news coming out of them is head scratching..  Some of the owners want to implement a personal foul penalty to any team whose players take a knee and don’t stand during the national anthem.  What’s next?  ejections for not taking off a hat, or spitting during a game?  Sheesh the desire to micromanage the game has gone to stupid, and to top it all off, they have changed the way kickoffs are played.  No more running start, 5 players mandatory on each side of the ball, two players must be outside the numbers, two players must be between numbers and hashmarks… blah….blah..blah.. Just play flag football already.  the new rules against lowering your head are good for the game and for safety sake, I agree, but this isn’t my father’s NFL anymore..  three months to preseason…  we’ll see..

I am sitting here watching the Indians take on the Cubs, TV is muted, I have Amazon Music turned on the “All 80’s Station” (Yes I’m that old, don’t judge me) and currently they are at the middle of the third inning, Tribe up 4-0, and life is good.  Shoutout to my Buddy Brian “Scooter” Cullen (Cubs Fan). It’s early in the season but looking at the overall picture,  the Yankees and the Red Sox seem to be the best teams in Baseball right now.  The AL Central is mediocre (Including my Indians), the AL West is close and who cares about the NL..  I really don’t get into Baseball hardcore until after the All-Star Break, but the races are close and the games have been entertaining. (Shohei Ohtani anyone??)

(oh wow.. Ghostbusters… love it.. Who Ya Gonna Call?)

The Sports Nerds were to make their triumphant return Sunday night but due to reasons beyond our control we had to put it off another week.  We are scheduled to return this coming Sunday night after months of hiatus (all due to this humble writer’s life getting in the way) at 7pm Eastern Time.. so watch this space for updates and link to the show…. We’ll have a lot to catch up on, and we plan on having a lot to talk about and it should be a lot of fun and entertaining. 

Thus ends the sports section of this post. 

Those that know me, know how I lean politically, and I have posted many a blog about those leanings in the past, but with the shit-show that is US Politics I have become numb to whatever is coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania or Congress these days and I refuse to allow it to get me down, or jade what I believe in.  I have several conservative friends, most of which support the President and what he is doing, but I also have Liberal friends that agree with me and feel that the only way out of this mess we are in is to vote them out in November.  Let me express what I feel is the answer to everything that is happening.  How much what goes on in DC REALLY affects your life?  What decisions have been made that determine how your day-to-day life is affected?  I have a roof over my head, I have a good job (great, actually), I have a car that runs and have no fear of it breaking down tomorrow, I have a family that loves me, I’m relatively healthy, for my age (for now), have health insurance through previously mentioned job, have a 401k, have two cats that keep me sane, and I have a good network of friends that care about me and I love with all my heart, both in my personal life, and my professional life.  I refuse to allow what goes on in the corrupt world of politics get me down or allow it to define how I go about my daily life.  the moment I do that is the moment I allow myself to give up, to remove hope for the future.  My son is 24, I worry about the world he will be left in when I am gone but also know I am powerless to induce any huge change to the overall picture.  I instead will focus on local and state politics, where real change can be made and the impact can be felt up the food chain to the capital.  You see, real change comes from within, and if we don’t try and change the small things, the big things will never change.  So I tell you to focus on the small to impact the large.  You’ll feel better and the impact of the Cheeto and his minions in Congress will not impact how your life is lived.  That’s al I have to say about that..

Have a good night everyone…  and take of yourself..  and each other..

Scott “The Sports Nerd”

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