Now What?

I don’t know how to follow up last night’s post..  The emotions are still raw in me and I don’t know where to go from here.  I usually post about sports as it is my crutch, to keep me from embarrassing myself with talk about politics, a subject that has usually brought on the wrath of many of my conservative friends and family.  I guess you could call my politics progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Left Wing, I am a Clinton Democrat, I voted for him twice, and I voted for Obama twice.  However, I also voted for Reagan in 84 (My first vote) and Bush in 2000, so I guess that would make me a moderate as well.  Trouble is, right now, during this time, during this moment, I look at our leaders, and all I see is corruption, men and women willing to compromise their conscience and morals for power and the almighty dollar. 

Ladies and gentlemen, our representatives have been bought and paid for by the Gun Lobby, the NRA, Big Oil, hell maybe even Russia, and whoever else has enough money to make them vote against their beliefs as well as what is best for the country.  Our representatives in Congress, whether they be Senators or House Members do not care about representing the people, they only care about benefiting themselves and how they can enrich their bank accounts from the highest bidder.  I live in Florida, home of Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson, Alcee Hastings, Charlie Crist, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dennis Ross(My Rep), and Frederica Wilson.  Each one of these people were elected to represent the State of Florida, and it is my opinion that very few actually care what we have to say or what we want them to do as representatives.  It’s about power, it’s about money, it’s about fame, and it’s about lining their pockets with as much cash as they can while they are in office. 

This may not be news to anyone reading this blog, but it is what has become the norm for most representatives.  I am not sure how to change it, and I am not here to recommend anything mind blowing to create change in Washington DC, but as a taxpaying voter, I am frustrated and am at my wits end how we can change it.  My right to vote is important to me, but I fear that no matter who I vote for, it wont matter, they will just become or are already just as corrupt as the rest of them.  The whole damn system has been soiled with money, power, corruption and the seat of Democracy in this country has lost sight of what it is they are supposed to be doing. 

I feel the only thing I can do as a citizen is to speak my mind, to bring a voice to the regular guy.  I am not well educated, I am not wealthy, and I am certainly not a member of any political organization or group.  I’m just a guy, trying to make a living, getting through this thing called life one day at a time.  I see wrong in the world, I see what I call injustice, and I see no-one in government lifting a finger to do anything about it, just thoughts and prayers, well wishes, and empty promises.  No matter your thoughts on the current resident of the Oval Office, whether you support him or don’t, he is not in control of government.  It’s the representatives in Congress that control it all, they are the ones that control the purse strings, the legislation, and the direction in which this country moves.

For the most part I have been silent since the election, mainly because I know that if I were to speak up I would receive a lot of backlash from family, friends and co-workers.  The fear of that has kept me quiet.  Wednesday changed all of that, because despite the needless slaughter of 17 innocent victims, our legislators will continue to send their thoughts and prayers, but nothing more will happen.  They wont introduce legislation, or if they do, there will be senators or representatives to block whatever they propose.  I am tired of our children being slaughtered, I am tired of seeing families torn apart because of bad immigration policies, I am tired of Congress sitting on their asses and saying, well there is nothing that we can do.  BULLSHIT.  We voted you in office to make a difference, and I now ask you to do your job, to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States as well as protect the citizens of this country, to protect and help the weak, to support your constituents and do what they put you in office to do.

We all have to hold them accountable, they have a responsibility to us, and they have failed at holding up their part of the bargain.  No matter the cost, no matter the pushback.  I will hold them accountable and call them out by name if they fail to do their job. 

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