NFL Observations Post-Draft

We are roughly 10 days removed from the 2017 NFL draft and while we were live for the entire first three rounds, I barely could keep up.  You see I am a die-hard NFL fan but there are areas where I just don’t feel the need to be hardcore on.  I didn’t scout any of the potential picks, I saw some highlights of the top picks and got a general overview of who was hot, who was expected to go in the first round, but I don’t know these guys stats like a scout or a head coach knows them.  However I can look at the overall picture based on the first three rounds and give my opinion on who won and who lost the first three rounds.

My  winner is of course my Cleveland Browns.  Three picks in the first round, all three of which will be starting in September when the season begins.  they picked up a sure fire pass rusher with the number one overall pick in Myles Garrett, hen they pick up overall utility guy Jabril Peppers from Michigan.  It will be a bit difficult to root for a Michigan Alum, but now that he is a Brown I will welcome him with open arms.  Finally in the first round they chose TE David Njoku from “The U”.  arguably the first or second best TE in this draft.  I like the picks I love what the front office is doing and I especially they didn’t go for the “shiny objects” and go QB in the first round.  while I know they need a franchise QB, they didn’t fall for the hype of the top three rated guys in this draft, and instead looked for building blocks and impact players to shore up the defense, the worst in the NFL last year.  They did get their QB in the second round when they drafted DeShone Kizer from Notre Dame.  I don’t think he is the future of the franchise, but he is an athletic kid and has a lot of potential.

I give an honorable mention to the San Francisco 49ers for pulling of the steal of the draft, not by getting a player, but by getting a ton of draft picks from Chicago to allow them to move into the second spot and take Mitchell Trubisky .  this was the boneheaded move of the draft.  the Bears really didn’t need to pull the trigger, I truly believe that John Lynch was playing a bit of poker and bluffed his way into getting Chicago to pull the trigger.  Trubisky is not ready and he certainly isn’t talented enough to take the helm day one.  Mike Glennon should have the starting job when the season opens, and he has been languishing in a backup role in Tampa for the last several years. 

Of course my big loser in this draft is going to be Chicago for all the reasons mentioned above.  Another factor in this is that the Bears were in great need of defensive help going into this draft, but they decided to use 3 of their 5 picks to go offense.  the bears might be competing with the Browns now as the leagues most inept front office.  the Browns are on the way up, whereas the Bears are sliding backwards with no hope of help.  Another loser in this draft is Seattle.  Russell Wilson was running for his life last season and the biggest reason for that is because he did not have an offensive line that could protect him.  Seattle had 11 picks in the entire draft.  They drafted 2 offensive linemen with those picks.  Looks like Wilson will be running for his life again this season.

Overall I enjoyed the draft, especially watching Derek and Nick Lord do their thing.  It was educational and a lot of fun.  I hope the future will allow us to do this again next year, but in order to do that I have to increase our viewership and put us in a place where we are a solid source of information and talent.  time will tell.


Have a good night everyone…  until tomorrow..

Scott “The Sports Nerd”

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