Monday Night ramblings…….

So here I am sitting here watching MNF and all I can think about is how much better Gruden was as a coach, where he could swear at will and we didn’t have to hear his annoying voice.  The NFL has become a shadow of what it once was.  These days it is all about the show, the entertainment, and less about the game.  The result of which is less sport and more show..  The players still dress and play for the love of the game, but sports media has made it a spectacle, the NFL has made it all about offense and the hands of the men that actually play this game have been tied with rule changes, all created to benefit the offense.  This is the game I love, this is the game I grew up with, BUT…   today’s game is a shadow of its former self.  Now its all about personalities, about the showboating, and of course, the safety of the game.  Football is a brutal sport, always has been, and there is no more visible proof of that than the injuries we have seen just 5 weeks into the season.  Marquee players have gone down, Beckham, Watt, Rogers, Carr, Winston and Mariota, just to name a few.  I wonder if the NFL will look at the injuries to it’s star players and try and put even more rules in place to try and keep these guys healthy in the future.  They will look for even more rules they can put in place to protect their stars, so they can earn more advertising dollars, so they can sell more beer, more insurance, more cars, and entice you to spend even more money on merchandise.  This is the reality of today’s professional sports, whether it be the NFL, the NBA or MLB it doesn’t matter, what matters is the bottom line..  how many jerseys did we sell today?????  Aaron Rogers has a broken collar bone…  Odell Beckham has a broken ankle, and JJ Watt has a busted knee.. but…  that’s ok… cause we sold 10 million dollars in jerseys and hats today.  

Zeke Elliot is accused of domestic violence, the NFL wants him to sit for six games, but the NFLPA is fighting it so we can have more spectacular plays, so we can be excited, so we can be entertained.  Colin Kaepernick cant get a backup job with the Green Bay Packers or start for the Jacksonville Jaguars cause he is too polarizing, but in truth, the NFL is trying to avoid controversy so they can sell more merchandise and they don’t care that a player that could start for 1/4 of the teams in the NFL RIGHT NOW is being shunned and diminished because he decided to kneel for the national anthem, when in fact 75-80% of all US veterans SUPPORT him in what he is doing and the message he is trying to convey.  Did you know why he decided to kneel instead of sit during the anthem?  It was only after having a conversation with a former member of the military he decided that taking a knee was more respectful, but the right wing media wont tell you that, only that he is disrespecting the “FLAG” and that he is a piece of shit.  I have news for you, Colin Kaepernick is a better man than I and most others because of what he does in the community.  He doesn’t let the haters keep him from being the caring and giving man that he is.  He has given more to charities, not just in money, but in TIME, than most people that are criticizing him ever have or will.  His philanthropy is on a scale comparable to Jimmy Carter, and he shows no signs of stopping.  I root for him, and I hope he finds a job in the NFL.

OHHHH…  fuck it…. I’m on a roll  here…

So, 4 marines die in Niger…  and what do you know…  45 decides to be quiet and go play some golf.  But…  BENGHAZI!!!!!  ..  fuck you ….  he hasn’t said anything publicly… he didn’t meet the bodies at Dover… and he hasn’t called the families.. but yet you want to condemn Hillary, 44, and his tenure as President.  HE AND HILLARY AT LEAST WENT TO DOVER and met the bodies the night they came home from Benghazi…  he called the families of soldiers that died… he showed more respect for fallen troops and their families than 45 ever will… but yet,…  no one on the right will report that… they will sweep it under the rug…  Yet when 44 took the time to meet the bodies… 45 decides he is going to play golf instead…  when people in Puerto Rico are dying from lack of food and water… 45 plays golf…  when Nazis are killing innocents in Charlottesville, 45 is golfing or attacking the NFL via Twitter…  when 58 American citizens are gunned down in Las Vegas, 45 is attacking the NFL or the mayor of San Juan via Twitter…  He has become the Twitter-in-Chief…  he is a man that cares only about himself, he doesn’t care about you, me, or anyone…only about how he can make himself richer.  If you believe otherwise, than you are only fooling yourself, and I feel sorry for you.  This is a man who provided all the aid needed for Florida and Houston… but yet decided that there was a limit as to how long FEMA and other government assistance would last in PR.  This is a man who continues to attack Hillary a YEAR after the election of 2016 is over because he still cant get over the fact she won the popular vote.  He has threatened Nuclear War with Korea…  walked away from a climate treaty that every other nation in the world has supported….  stopped funding of ACA funds because he doesn’t want “Obamacare” to succeed, despite the fact it has insured 20 million people that otherwise could not get or afford healthcare….  only because 44’s name is on it.  He is threatened by the Obama legacy… he is trying to undermine everything that 44 accomplished….  his ego cant take the fact that Obama is a much better human being than he ever will.  Obama…  ONE marriage… two beautiful daughters… one of which is attending Harvard this year…  and a presidential legacy that will secure him as one of the most compassionate, intelligent and competent leaders this country has ever had. 

OK…  whew…  glad I got that off my chest… 

how bout the MLB playoffs??  Dodgers with a walk-off last night…  the Astros up 2-0 on the Yankees with game three tonight…  if it weren’t for the fact the Indians were out of it I would be more interested..  In the NHL, The Lightning are tied with the Maple Leafs (wait what???) for first place in the Atlantic…  The Browns Suck (same story different year) the Bucs have no identity… and the Jags and Rams lead their respective divisions in the NFL…  I suck at fantasy football…  The NBA starts this week (who cares) and I for one can’t wait to see if Tiger can truly make a comeback.  NASCAR in it’s current form is horrible and barely watchable…   But Dale Jr is officially going to be a father (CONGRATS)…  Justice League, Thor Ragnarok, and Star Wars VIII all release in the next 60 days….  With all that being said…  Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and John Lennon are still dead… 

Have a great night…

The Sports Nerd


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