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So this week has been interesting.  I made a post on my Facebook page yesterday and it has gone “viral”, at least among my friends and I thought I would add a little clarity to what actually happened here on my blog. 

I was at a company event yesterday and part of the event included lunch.  the lunch was a salad bar along with some great looking turkey wraps, shrimp, chicken, and shrimp.  I prepared my plate and sat with some fellow co-workers ready to enjoy some good food and some great company.  I took a bite out of the potato salad but a piece of potato decided it was gonna get lodged in my throat.  I can usually get relief by drinking whatever is in front of me and in this case it was iced tea.  I tried to swallow the tea and the potato decided it wasn’t going to budge  Tea started to come out of my nose, and although I drank more the potato wasn’t moving.  I started to choke and realized that I was having trouble breathing. I got up out of my seat, but not 2 seconds later was on my knees realizing I was in trouble.

People at my table realized I was in distress and started asking if anyone in the room knew the Heimlich maneuver.   the noise level started rising and then all of a sudden I felt these arms around me and the person performed the Heimlich and I was able to finally get the food down and breathe.  I was scared, I was embarrassed, and I was thankful this person was able to help me.  I went outside and got some air, but after a few minutes I realized just how shaken up I was.  I realized I actually could have died, and panic ensued in my head.  I started shaking, tearing up, and wanted to just run away and hide from all 91 of my co-workers.  but something amazing happened, when I came back inside, there was a huge amount of people that came up to me and just wanted to hug and hold me to make sure I was ok.  You really never know how much people care about you until something like this happens.  I was overcome with emotion and although I wasn’t showing it on the outside, inside I was losing it.  I wanted to break down sobbing and lose all inhibitions, but I was afraid to show that kind of emotion in front of people I respected.  I kept it all in and decided to be strong and assure everyone I was ok, and it was a minor issue.

24 hours later and I have had time to think about all that has happened.  You see, yesterday’s events wasn’t all about how close I was to death, it was an event that made me realize how much I love what I do, and how much I love the people I work with.  I was presented with a couple of opportunities to make a difference in the company, and because of that, realized how much people look to me for advice, leadership, and comfort.  My entire career I have always been the guy that stayed hidden in the background, not making waves and just doing enough to keep my job.  After yesterday, I feel a larger sense of responsibility and an expectation to make a difference.  I embrace this role and look forward to what the future holds. 

To my friends and relatives, look for me to be a more active participant on social media, and to my co-workers, look for me to be more involved and accepting of responsibility and accountability.  I’m not just going through the motions anymore, I want to make a difference, and I look forward to the challenge.  I want to be a leader to those I work with, and I want to make an impact on everyone I come in contact with.

To Melissa King, the wonderful woman who saved my life…  there aren’t enough words in the English Language to describe how thankful I am to you.  Your quick response and action saved my life, and although we may not work side by side on a daily basis, I will always feel connected to you, and I will always be indebted to you.  To the rest of my co-workers, your outpouring of love, caring, and concern did not go unnoticed and I thank you so much for showing me not only how much you care about me, but making me understand and realize just how much I care about you, the company, and the relationships I have with all of you.  I am looking forward to the future for the first time in a very long time, and understanding how much I am loved allows me to move forward with hope, and expectations of great things.

stay tuned…  the future looks bright…  and I am thankful to be alive…



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  1. Hi Scott
    Excellent story, not excellent you choked and nearly dies, but excellent that it hammered home the realisation of how we as specks of dust on the cog of direction actually have an important role to play in the smooth running of the machine.
    We are all important and as much as we may not notice how others look to us, it is the humility of acceptance and the importance of being just who we are that allows others to see the inner and outer radiance of what is real

    we show by example of just being ourselves and not trying to be anything else and it is that example that allows people to truly know who you are

    I for one are happy that you didnt choke to death and that people will come to the aid of others, just as you would do for them

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