Draft Day!!!

Well it’s finally here.  The NFL Draft, where players realize their dreams, fans boo their favorite team because they didn’t take who they wanted, and the talking head talk for hours upon hours until our ears bleed.  It is a, it is overblown, and it’s the only time of year where I have hope for the upcoming season.  I will be co-hosting a Live Draft broadcast tonight on Blab with my good friends at SportsWorldRadio and to be honest, I am really looking forward to it.  We will be joined by the guys from Fantasy Football Maniax Derek Lofland and Nick Lord along with other football guys to cover, discuss and provide the ramifications for all the picks in the first round.  We will follow that up with rounds 2 & 3 on Friday night with the same cast of characters breaking it all down.  Derek and Nick will provide the fantasy angle of the draft while Eliot “Big E” Lomba, Jeff Eskow, and myself will cover it from the football side of it.  Please join us tonight at 7:30 pm eastern and 6:30 pm Eastern tomorrow for full draft analysis and coverage from the first pick to the last.

With all of that being said, Who goes 1-2 tonight?  Obviously the favorite picks are Goff and Wentz.  The only question remains is which one will go first.  The “experts” all say Goff, but only the Rams know who they are going to take.  The problem I have with this whole circus is that in my humble opinion, based on being a fan of the game for over 45 years, neither one of these QB’s are WORTH an overall #1 and #2 pick.  Neither one of them are the next Peyton or Luck.  In fact neither one of these guys are of the same talent level as the 1 & 2 picks last year, Marcus Mariotta and Jameis Winston.  Both teams sacrificed so much and quite possibly gave up a lot of good draft picks just to get a franchise QB.  History says that when QB’s are the first two picks of the draft, only one will succeed and be the guy they want him to be (Ryan Leaf anyone?) .

The mystery begins at pick #3 with San Diego and that’s when the true excitement will begin.  I have no idea where the Chargers will go, Derek believes they will take Jalen Ramsey from FSU, since they have needs in that secondary, but I am not so sure.  Philip Rivers got the crap beat out of him last year and I have a hunch the Chargers may go Offensive Line to try and keep him healthy and that will be either Miles Jack or Laremy Tunsil. The fourth Pick has the most anticipation, because when Jerry Jones is involved, anything can happen.  This is where I think Ramsey should go, because the Cowboys need defensive help and Ramsey is the best FS in the draft, he is a hard hitter in the same mold as John Lynch, who SHOULD be in the HOF in the next couple of years.  They could also go with Joey Bosa from Ohio State, but either way they need to go defense.  Look for Jerry to possibly take Ezekiel Elliott, RB from OSU as he loves his offensive players.  Remember his son had to talk him off the ledge from taking Johnny Manziel two years ago.

I will stop my predictions there, simply because I never do a mock draft, I don’t get into it, because no matter who is making the predictions, they are most always wrong, and I refuse to continue that tradition.  I’ll rely mostly on my reaction when the picks happen and their impact to the team that picked them.  All in all it will be an interesting night, I will lose some sleep, the coffee will be flowing, but going into the weekend I really don’t care.  If you are tired of the big boys and their over analysis, their overblown egos, and the fact they have no clue what the hell they are talking about, you will enjoy the show tonight folks.  Please join us and be ready to provide your input and reactions as the draft progresses. 


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  1. Come on dude, we all know you stopped your predictions because the #5 pick is Jacksonville, LOL. Go Jaguars!

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