A new vision, a new focus, and a plan for the future…

I have been spending the last few days contemplating what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  I have a great job, I love everyone I work with and my work gives me a great sense of satisfaction.  I feel I am respected at my company, and I feel that I bring a good deal of worth to the company I work for.  With all of that being said, there is something missing, something I cannot describe, and something that I can reach for but don’t have the education or knowledge to accomplish.  My passion statement at work has to do with a work-life balance.  We have embraced what is called a passion and purpose statement in the “People First Culture”  My purpose statement is the following:

Through patience, knowledge and direction, I inspire others to succeed in our personal and professional lives while maintaining a healthy work/life balance so that we may all enjoy the journey to the finish

I firmly believe in that statement and try to live it on a daily basis.  The culture at my company is awesome, they allow us to be ourselves, they encourage criticism and feedback while at the same time setting expectations on what they expect from each and every employee.  In my 34 years in the workforce, I have never been with a company that has encouraged their employees to be open, involved, or engaging a the company I currently work for.  It is truly a rewarding experience, and I can honestly see myself working there for the remainder of my days in the workforce. 

With that being said, there is still something missing, something I cannot explain, something that eats at me each and every day.  I have a passion for sports, and that is not something that can be satisfied by my work, it is something that needs to be fulfilled outside the office.  This doesn’t change the passion I have for the work that I do, but it is aside from that, something that can only be fulfilled in my personal life, in outside endeavors, and in a way that only I can create here on this blog.  The problem I have faced is that I have been challenged by fear, by insecurities that have prevented me from expressing myself in a manner that comes across in an intelligent manner, to the point where I am fearful that I will be viewed as an idiot in the subject.

I don’t have a college degree, nor did I go to journalism school, but what I have is passion, and that is something that I can bring to the table when it comes to sports.  My first love is the NFL, followed by NCAA Football, and with that I hope I can express knowledge, passion, and instigate discussion with others that have the same interests.  My goal is not to educate, but instead create conversation with others that have the same passion that I have, building relationships that will last for a lifetime. 

I’m on a mission, and that mission is to bring my brand to the world, to promote, to impress, to engage, and to create conversation.  I will not always be right and I may in fact embarrass myself at times.  but one thing will not change, and that is my passion for sports, whether it be football, baseball, hockey or whatever, I will bring it, I will not apologize for my comments, and I will not waiver from my passion.  So get ready world.. here I come. 

I’m gonna bring a different view of the world of sports, gong to be controversial, gonna throw stuff out there that may not be right, and I am always going to say what is on my mind.  I look around Steemit and I see a few people talking sports including the account @steemsports but while they only report the news in the sports news, I will bring a different view and a personal touch on the trending topics in the sports world.  I don’t expect to take away from the readership of @steemsports but instead provide an alternative to what they report.  I don’t have an agenda, nor do I expect to be popular, but instead will post my thoughts on what is going on, and that will include everything in the sports world, including NFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL, NCAAMB and yes, even though I HATE it, the NBA.  so get prepared, cause I am all in, I am a full on Sports Nerd, and I fully expect to prove that to the world. 

Let’s start with the fact that did you know I have a weekly LIVE Sports Show?  I do, and it is right here on Steem, well, DLive to be exact, Sunday Nights at 7pm eastern time, and I have the pleasure of sharing the broadcast with three of my best friends. Jon Olson, Brian “Scooter” Cullen and Eliot “Big E” Lomba have been doing some form of this show for the last seven years on many different platforms and basically all we do is  we sit for two hours (Sometimes longer) and talk sports in a format that would be considered less than a talk show but in fact a conversation between friends talking sports.  There is no subject that is taboo, no sport we wont discuss (yes even World Cup – UGGH) and when the Sports Talk goes dry, we will discuss pop culture, movies, and yes even politics on a rare occasion so I encourage you to follow me on Steem at(click—>)  The Sports Nerd  and at DLive as well at (Click –>)  The Sports Nerd,  sit back and enjoy the fun. 

I am currently getting ready for our show tomorrow night, (7pm Eastern) but beginning Monday, June 25, I will begin a new series of posts on Steem, as well as my personal website(Click –>)  www.the sportsnerd.us called “The Last 24 Hours” outlining and commenting on the day in sports over the previous 24 hours.  I am looking forward to doing this, and am excited as to how this will work out because it will allow me to comment and bring my personal feeling on specific subjects, no matter the sports subject.  You wont agree with everything I say, and at times, you will think I am an idiot, but that’s okay, as long as it stimulates conversation and opinion.  My main goal is to build my brand, get my name out there and encourage discussion and make you, the reader, get in the discussion and provide me your point of view.  I won’t pull any punches, and I don’t expect anything less from my readers. 

I look forward to this journey, and look forward to your input as well.  I don’t expect to agree with all of you, and I don’t expect that I will always be right, but I hope to have fun and engage with passionate sports fans.  So get ready, ‘cause shit is about to get real on Steem and Dlive. 

One more thing…  I ask that you follow me on Twitter (Click –>) @The_Sports_Nerd and on Facebook at (Click—>) Scott Wright for more juicy goodness, you wont regret it.

Until next time, nerds, buckle up…..

The Sports Nerd


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