We Interrupt this Political Shit-show for some Sports

Hello Sports fans, remember me?


My last post got a lot of attention and since a week has passed and the fire has come down to a smolder, I’m prepared to get “back in the game” as it were and focus once again on the reason I started this website… 




So.. with all that’s going on, NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, MLB in full swing, NFL Draft fallout, what should we talk about.  Well out of all that is going on this month, let’s begin with my favorite this time of year, and that’s the NHL Playoffs.  First of all, I am a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, and although I have not enjoyed the cup since their one and only cup win in 2004, I am a hockey fan and have thoroughly enjoyed this postseason.  The first two rounds saw perennial favorites Chicago and Montreal see early exits, while the upstart Nashville predators have made it to the Western Conference finals for the first time in franchise history.  They are tied right now with the Anaheim “Mighty” Ducks 2-2 in the Conference finals, losing their first home playoff game of the season last night, and also losing Captain Ryan Johnson for the playoffs after an injury in game 4 that saw him have to undergo emergency surgery.  the Preds are under the gun and with Anaheim winning back home ice advantage last night, Nashville is going to have to look for someone to step up and take control if they are going to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.  In the Eastern Conference finals we have Pittsburgh and Ottawa going at it (as I type this game four is Live).  Now I admit I do not have a horse in these payoffs as the Lightning are sitting home watching, but anytime a team from Pittsburgh is playing for a title it is my Cleveland-Loving solemn duty to root against them.  No matter if it is the Pirates, the Penguins or the HATED Steelers, go SENS!!  Both Conference finals have been entertaining and a lot of great hockey is being played, but the homer in me hates the Penguins, so I root for the Senators, and the underdog-loving part f me would like to see the Predators make the finals as well, because it is a good story and they have that underdog feel to them.  I hope you are watching because if you have never seen the fast-paced, intense feel to the NHL Playoffs it is an experience you have to have, because the intensity of the NHL far surpasses the NBA in my book, there isn’t any of the tension, excitement or fast-paced action in the NBA that can even come close to comparing how it is done in the NHL.


The NBA playoffs are going on right now and al I will say about that is….  meh..  the NBA is a mere shadow of what is was 20 years ago.  this is not the NBA I watched and loved in the 80’s and 90’s.  todays game is all about the “three” and there is no semblance of even a hint of defense being played in today’s NBA.  I admire LeBron and his talent, but I hate the game now, and would prefer to watch the NCAA tournament over the NBA finals.


Six weeks into the MLB season and already there are teams making noise.  Now I really don’t get into the MLB until after the All-Star break but from what I have seen thus far I am excited for what could happen in August and September.  the Yankees are the best in the East, but the Astros have the best record in baseball right now and no one though that would be the case when the season began.  As my good friend Robert Arnold would say.. it’s MAY..  there is a lot of baseball yet to be played.. so … stay tuned.


The NFL offseason has been quite exciting in my eyes, and although there is no action on the field there is plenty of action off the field.  The Browns signed their draft choices in the last 48 hours and I am proud to welcome Myles Garrett to the Dawg Pound as well as Jabril Peppers (Michigan Wolverine notwithstanding – GO BUCKEYES)  and David Njoku.  three first round picks..  three potential starters.   In other news, The Buccaneers signed (gulp) Ryan Fitzpatrick, The new LA Stadium has been delayed til 2020, Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady’s wife said he suffered a concussion in 2016, while the NFL states that there is no evidence to show that he did, while at the same time he announced this week that he will be endorsing a car neither you or I could afford in our lifetime.  So..  much more to come I am sure, but that is just a taste of how the NFL never sleeps and things tend to happen when you least expect it, much like our President.




1.  The potential of a Warriors-Cavs finals.  the NBA may not be the game I grew to love 20 years ago, but you have to admit the excitement building over this matchup is getting thicker as we edge closer to it becoming reality.  Question remains, will the Warriors or Cavs lose a game before the finals start?

2.  The NHL Playoffs – these have been some of the most exciting hockey I have seen in a long time.

3.  Mayweather-MacGregor – With Dana White confirming that he got a deal done with McGregor, all that is left is for “Money Mayweather” to sign on the dotted line.

4.  Ryan Leaf – hats off to this guy for getting in front of the camera and the world about hos he has dealt with his addiction and how he is helping others.  story Here.

5.  Nashville Fan base – These fans are wonderful, and make playing in their building a hard thing to do if you are a part of the opposing team.  Cheers to the Ducks for pulling off a game 4 win despite the hostile environment.


(Bonus) – Chicago Bears – for becoming the biggest clusterfuck in the NFL, a title previously held by the Cleveland Browns




1.  Politics – no need to expand on this

2.  The Pittsburgh Penguins…  GO SENATORS

3.  ESPN – For canceling Mike And Mike after 18 years together and being quite possibly the best morning sports show ever

4.  Tom Brady – for allowing his wife to put him in yet another difficult position, and for promoting a car that shows just how much of an elitist he is.

5.  Jim Kick and Nick Buoniconti – How heroes from the NFL past have fallen on hard times regarding their health, and yet it appears the NFL is abandoning them.


(Bonus) – The death of Chris Cornell – Depression is no joke people, having suffered for years with this affliction, I can say from personal experience, if you are depressed and are having thoughts of suicide, get help, talk to someone and above all else, know that you are not alone.  Suicide prevention Hotline:  1-800-273-8255


Until next time…  Take care..


Scott Wright “The Sports Nerd”

So I made the mistake of bringing up politics on Facebook

This is going to be long-winded, so if you don’t have the time…  save it for later..

People that know me understand that I rarely bring up politics.  I prefer to keep my opinions and beliefs to myself.   The reason for this is because politics is one of those subjects where both sides eventually start yelling at each other and feelings get hurt, and at times, friendships are lost.  Lets get this out of the way, I am a progressive, I voted for Obama twice, and yes, I voted for Hillary in 2016.  With that being said, I also voted for GW Bush in 2000, and my very first election in 1984 I voted for Ronald Reagan.  I favor the progressive agenda, and do not consider myself a Democrat or a Republican, I was a victim of the bad economy from the years of 2006-2010 and was laid off twice from the same job in that timespan.  I am White, male over the age of 45, raised Christian(Methodist), and believe myself to be a patriot, so to see me as a progressive puts me pretty much in the minority based on my demographic.

But in my 32 years of being a registered voter I have seen a transformation occur in Congress..  I have seen them go from looking out for the American Citizen, doing their jobs to the best of their ability, to only looking out for themselves.  Using their office to better themselves financially, selling out to the highest bidder and not caring what their constituency believes or expects  of them as a representative.  Elected officials in Washington have forgotten whom it is they work for, and that has left me jaded, disappointed, and of the belief that my concerns will never be addressed.

To combat this, I have always managed to try and focus on what I was doing, making sure my actions and choices were best for me, and not allowing what was going on in DC to affect how I lived, or how I moved forward with my goals.  In the big picture, what goes on in Congress has no bearing on how successful I could be in my own life, and that my destiny depends on what I do, not what some rich asshole does as my elected representative.  In 2008, Barak Obama announced he was running for President, and once I started listening to what he had to say, I had “Hope” to coin an awkward and overused word.  I believed in him, I felt he could do what he said he could do, to achieve what he set out to accomplish, and for the first time in over 20 years, believed things could change for the better.

Fast forward Eight years, and although I overall pleased with what he has done as the President, I witnessed hatred towards the man because of the color of his skin, hatred toward him for caring for the uninsured, the poor, the weak, and the minority of this country.  He did not accomplish all that he set out to do, and at the same time he also managed to still bring hope to me and what I felt was best for this country.  Now, what I feel is best may not be what you feel is best, but this is how I feel and not about what the “majority” or the “minority” feels is best.  I have a lot to criticize him for, most of all having to do with the drone program, along with his failure to get a single payer health plan in place, but for the most part, I was ok with him as president. 

The 2016 election was something to behold.  You had the establishment Clinton, you had the Billionaire Trump, both of which came with a TON of baggage and a lot of detractors fro both sides of the aisle.  I could never see myself voting for Donald Trump, having seen how he carried himself, how he treated his employees, how he declared bankruptcy so many times and yet still claimed to be a successful businessman, how he treated women, not to mention the fact he was boorish, vulgar, and above all else, stated that he and he alone could fix what was wrong with America.  So I voted for Hillary, not my ideal choice, but she was the most experienced, had a track record as Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady to Bill Clinton (whom I voted for….Twice). 

Well we all know what happened, Trump won the Electoral College (not the popular vote), is now The President, and has been in office for nearly 4 months now.  In those four months he has been active on Twitter, mostly at 3am, he has bragged about how great he is doing, has done all he can to drill into the American people about how HUGE he won, criticize the media at every turn (which they deserve for the most part), and tout successes that actually were put in place prior to him taking office by the previous administration.  He has played more golf this year than Tiger Woods, and decided that the Presidency is a 9-5 job Monday-Friday.  I could go on and on about my issues with the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, but that would take up all the available storage on this blog.

Let me address what happened two days ago.  I decided to post a comment on my Facebook page regarding Trump.  The post was the following:

I’m probably gonna catch hell for this but….If you voted for this asshole…you have weakened the future of this country, and I hope you’re happy.

As expected, that brought out the wrath of the Raging Redneck Robert Arnold, a person I consider a good friend and a person that has shared a seat next to me for nearly six years on “The Sports Nerds” a Webcast I host every Sunday night from 7-9pm Eastern on Crowdcast in which we talk about Sports, pop culture, movies, business, and whatever else we decide to talk about.  his response to me was as follows:

Quit being butt-hurt. Get over it already. You fucking libs need to grow the fuck up and quit crying like little whiny bitches. Trump could come out and say we need to raise taxes, provide free college, save the whales, and fully fund planned parenthood and ya all would bitch about that. Shut the fuck up. Go to work. Pay your taxes. And get over the shit already.

My initial reaction was to lash out at Arnie, but that’s not my style, I don’t enjoy confrontations, and to be honest politics are volatile, and I didn’t want to get into a pissing contest with him on Facebook.  Some of my FB friends came to my defense and decided they wanted to put him in his place, but if you know Arnie like I know him, all that does is egg him on and he will only push back and could eventually say something about your upbringing or your mother.  I decided to wait it out and see what reaction he would get and I was not disappointed.  Thank you to my friends Adam Wolf, Trey Johnson, and Shelly Kanner, for sticking up for what I said and for being there for me, I appreciate you more than you know, but in the end, this is my fight and I need to stand up for myself in these situations as well.

With that being said, Arnie’s response is exactly what I expected, he is of the same opinion that I am, in that what happens in Washington has no bearing on how you live your life, how you succeed, and how you approach success.  You are responsible for your own actions (Or inactions) and what happens in Government has no impact on how successful you can be in your life.  That much we agree on, but I have decided to look at the big picture regarding the government and it has allowed me to come to a decision when it comes to politics.  I will not sit idly by and allow a Reality Show host, a failed businessman, a charlatan dressed up like a leader, a Liar-In-Chief, or a man who has no respect for Women, the American people, the people that work for him, the media, elected officials of other countries, attempt to destroy a country from within that I love, that my ancestors fought and DIED for dating back to the Revolutionary War, and enrich his personal wealth at the same time.

That’s right I said ancestors…  I have documented proof that I have ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War, Civil War and WWII.  I have a great Uncle who was a decorated war hero in WWII during Guadalcanal and an ancestor that was actually the thirteenth signer of the Mayflower Compact.  I am not worthy of their sacrifice, and my life and what I have accomplished pales in comparison, but it is my history and I am proud of it.  So to say I should just “shut the fuck up” is not going to happen.  I will defend this country however I can to the best of my ability from tyrants, from unqualified idiots, and those that seek to destroy this country from within, whether it be in Congress, the Supreme Court, or in the White House.  I am not “Butt Hurt” I am not a “whiny bitch” and I will not “get over it”. 

I witnessed for the entire eight years of the Obama Administration the vitriol, the racism, the hatred, and the utter disdain the Republican Party, the right wing nut jobs and the ignorant assholes that blasted MY President whom I voted for TWICE.  If you or anyone else thinks I am just gonna “get over it” when a man who couldn’t hold Obama’s JOCK or conduct an intelligent conversation with a mole cricket is holding the highest office in the land, you’re wrong.  This guy is not qualified to hold the office of DOG CATCHER let alone President of the United States, and I will blast him, I will criticize him, I will make fun of him, and I will do everything in my power to see that he does not sit in office any longer that he is allowed.  You go ahead and live with your blinders on, you go ahead and believe that he will “make america great again”, I for one will fight him every step of the way.

One last thing…  for those that posted on my FB page how he was the only choice considering the “alternative” I have news for you…  you decided to elect a man that has never held political office, has had double digit bankruptcies, believes in molesting women, has been married 3 times, his current wife apparently worked in this country illegally for a time, and is living in New York instead of Washington, he is an adulterer, he is a draft dodger, and he wouldn’t know the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence if you rolled them all up and slapped him upside the head with it.  You call her Crooked Hillary, you call her a liar, you accuse her of murder, yet one thing you can NEVER deny…  ON PAPER, she is the most qualified politician to EVER run for office, you cant deny it, you cant defend it, and you most certainly cant sell it… 

If you don’t like my politics, my ideas, or my patriotism…  them get the fuck off my timeline and un-follow me…

Go Fuck Yourself…

Scott A. Wright…  The Sports Nerd…