My thoughts on the Sports World

So here we are, 3 weeks out from yet another NFL Season.  Two weeks to College Football.  the pennant races are heating up in MLB.  NBA and NHL about to start training camps, and the 2016 Summer games have officially come and gone.  So much to discuss, so much to comment on, yet it seems we have been here before.  Every August for me brings new feelings of hope, excitement, and dreams of another NFL season to look forward to.  Can the Browns win?  Can the Bucs get out of their own way?  the answer to both questions, of course, before the first down is played is no.  I don’t believe in being hopeful, because as my friend Robert Arnold always says, expect disappointment and then you wont be disappointed when they suck. 

Here’s the deal…  The Cleveland Browns are not going to win a championship this year, and neither are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  That’s not a bold statement, that’s reality.  This has been my reality for the last 14 years (my god has it been that long) and I don’t see any change coming this year.  The Browns actually may have a decent offense this year, but because of their defense they will los games, because if you cant stop anyone, the best offense in the world wont help you.  A fact that my Cowboy fans can relate to looking back at last season’s performance.  With all of that being said, I will focus on Fantasy Football this year, since I am in two paid leagues and can really earn some decent cash, but then again,I am usually not the league winner, but this year can be different.  I have more faith in my ability in fantasy than I do in my two favorite teams.

As for Baseball, well that’s a different story.  The Indians lead the AL Central, have the best record in the AL and are poised to make a run to the World Series.  the problem there is should they make it to the Series, they could very well have the Cubs waiting on them, and that again poses some challenges.  If that scenario does come to fruition, I will root for the Tribe, but I also will be thinking of my Paternal Grandmother who was a life long Cubs fan.  she rooted for the Cubs the latter part of her life thanks to WGN and cable.  Still, I will root for the tribe until the last out, and should they not make the Series…  Go Cubs!!

The Olympics wrapped up over the weekend and the train wreck I expected to happens did not occur.  It was a great two weeks and my most endearing memory will be of Michael Phelps and his performance at 31 years old, Katie Ledecky smashing her own World Record and taking home 4 gold medals.  Simone Biles also taking home 4 Gold Medals in gymnastics in the all around competition.  Who could forget Usain Bolt, taking 3 more gold’s for the third straight Olympics.  there were events to forget (see Ryan Lochte) but for the most part, Rio did a good job, and it was an excellent Olympic Games. 

That’s all the thoughts I have right now..  More later… as the motivation hits me..



Super Bowl awarded to Atlanta, Miami, and Los Angeles

This is a bit of a sore subject for me.  The awarding of Super Bowls is one of the most political processes in the world of sports.  The hoops that cities have to jump through in order to host the most-watched sporting event in the world is mind blowing and frustrating.  Teams bring in city officials and representatives to promote their city and pitch why they should host the game.  The financial impact can be huge, and yet, the reality is that it isn’t much, in fact some cities actually LOSE money when they host the game, as the cost of putting on such an event is more than some city budgets can handle.  I remember living just across the street from Raymond James Stadium when Tampa hosted the Ravens and Giants in 2000.  The one memory that sticks in my head was during the week leading up to the game I was fortunate to shake the hand of Jim Brown outside the Stadium.  Now me being a life long Browns Fan, that was a surreal moment for me, and I will never forget it.  That was the highlight of the week for me, a resident of the host city, because the remainder of the week was a series of traffic nightmares, people being stupid, and the ever present factor of the fact that the Ravens were playing in the Super Bowl, a team that five years earlier were known as the Browns.  Art Model was there, a man that will be forever hated in Cleveland, and it pained me to know that they could end up being world champs.

But enough of my misery, this post is more about the fact that Tampa was snubbed once again from hosting a Super Bowl in the next 5 years.  The deciding factor in awarding Atlanta, Miami, and Los Angeles Super Bowls 49, 50 and 51 boiled down to the venue.  Atlanta and LA are building new stadiums, monuments of architecture that were too attractive to not  warrant getting the game. Miami is in the middle of renovating “Joe Robbie Stadium”, a building that has been the home of the Dolphins since the Mid 80’s, to the tune of $400 million.  Ray Jay here in Tampa, which has been in place just since 1998, is in the process of $100 million in upgrades, including new Video screens and a remodel of their luxury suites.  Tampa has hosted the Super Bowl 4 times, while this latest award for Miami will be it’s 11th hosting, the most in history. 

Raymond James Stadium seating capacity is 65,890, while the Stadium in Miami seats 76,100.  The major factor to me that Tampa was snubbed, in my usually wrong opinion, is because of the presence of a great big pirate ship in the north end zone, impacting what could be an extra 5-10K seats.  I feel the ship is a deterrent for the NFL, and it is also my firm belief it is too team-specific.  The game is supposed to be all about the two teams that will be playing in it, as well as the NFL putting on a spectacular show, and to have a great big ugly pirate ship on camera being shown to the world with a Buccaneers Logo on it, when the Bucs probably would not be in the game is a visual that the NFL doesn’t want the world to see.  The ship can not be removed for the game, it is a permanent piece of the stadium, and it would be impossible to remove it for one game.  This is my opinion, and it may in fact be a small reason in the grand scheme of things, but I feel it weighs more on the decision who will host than the NFL will lead on. 

Another factor is ownership.  The Glazers are arguably the worst owners in the NFL, and the reason I say this is due to the fact they are more focused on Manchester United than they are on the Bucs.  They own the most valuable Soccer team in the world, and they are all in on Man U and the Bucs are secondary and not their primary focus.  The primary reason for this is that Malcolm Glazer was all in on the Bucs when he was primary owner and in the grand scheme of things, he bought the Bucs to make them a perennial Super Bowl contender, but as he declined in health over the years, more control was given to his sons, and they are all about Man U.  They should sell the team to a more attentive ownership and move to London now that Malcolm has passed away.  Until serious changes occur in Tampa, they will not host another Super Bowl.  The only bright spot in Tampa’s future is the fact they will host the 2017 National Championship Game, and may be in the running for more in the next few years, but that will depend on how well this year’s game goes.  I am not calling for a new Stadium, because the city and the taxpayers are still paying for this one, but I am seriously calling for changes that would make the city a more attractive host for a Super Bowl in the future.

The NBA and NHL Conference Finals

So we have come to the time of year that to me, is both super exciting and “not so much” at the same time.  You all know I am not a fan of the NBA, in fact if you go back in the history of my posts you will discover that I barely mention the NBA unless I am saying how terrible it is.  I quit being a fan of the NBA once MJ (Michael Jordan for you kids out there) left the game.  I didn’t like the direction it was headed and I knew that the game I loved growing up was never to be seen again.  I am a fan of the college game, especially in March and April during the tournament, but the NBA is horrible to watch simply because it is a game that no longer puts its emphasis on team play, but on the individual and superstars getting the highlight on Sports Center.  it has become about ego, and it has become less about team goals. 

That being said, on the other side of the coin we have the NHL.  The NHL Playoffs provide some of the most exiting drama filled games in the history of sport.  Why it is the fourth or fifth most popular sport in the US is beyond me.  It is non-stop action, and the athletes are probably the most conditioned athletes in the world.  If you don’t believe me then you try and skate for 3-4 minutes at a time up and down an NHL rink and then place a big stick in your hands, a heavy uniform, and try and place a 3” piece of vulcanized rubber in a goal while 5 other guys are trying to prevent you from doing this by whacking you with their sticks and knocking you against the glass or the boards.  Hockey is by far a better sport because it is a team game, you cant be an individual on the ice, you have to work in conjunction with 4 other guys on the ice to not only try and score, but prevent the other five guys on the opposing team from scoring as well.

I love sports, I am a casual fan of the NBA, I don’t live and die with the Cavs, or the Magic, and I do follow them a little, and I would love to see the Cavs win the NBA Championship for the city of Cleveland, but if they lose..  MEH..  I could care less.  However, as for the NHL, I live and breathe this time of year with the Lightning.  Every game has me on the edge of my seat, and I am sure to have woken my upstairs neighbors on more than one occasion by my screaming at the TV when the game is on.  So for those of you that love the NBA, more power to you…  Ill take the NHL any day over the NBA.

Have a great Tuesday…

Friday Morning

Good morning Sports Fans!  A great night last night doing the draft live with Sports World Radio and Fantasy Football Maniax.   I was up late, I got very little sleep and today I still have to go to work and then do it all over again for rounds 2 & 3.  Im just going to post a quick note today to say that I will do a full recap on last night and tonight in a major blog post tomorrow morning.  don’t have time today to make an in depth post recap of the first round.  Enjoy your day and look for my recap tomorrow morning right here.  Have a great Friday all..  and join us tonight for rounds 2 & 3….

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Draft Day!!!

Well it’s finally here.  The NFL Draft, where players realize their dreams, fans boo their favorite team because they didn’t take who they wanted, and the talking head talk for hours upon hours until our ears bleed.  It is a, it is overblown, and it’s the only time of year where I have hope for the upcoming season.  I will be co-hosting a Live Draft broadcast tonight on Blab with my good friends at SportsWorldRadio and to be honest, I am really looking forward to it.  We will be joined by the guys from Fantasy Football Maniax Derek Lofland and Nick Lord along with other football guys to cover, discuss and provide the ramifications for all the picks in the first round.  We will follow that up with rounds 2 & 3 on Friday night with the same cast of characters breaking it all down.  Derek and Nick will provide the fantasy angle of the draft while Eliot “Big E” Lomba, Jeff Eskow, and myself will cover it from the football side of it.  Please join us tonight at 7:30 pm eastern and 6:30 pm Eastern tomorrow for full draft analysis and coverage from the first pick to the last.

With all of that being said, Who goes 1-2 tonight?  Obviously the favorite picks are Goff and Wentz.  The only question remains is which one will go first.  The “experts” all say Goff, but only the Rams know who they are going to take.  The problem I have with this whole circus is that in my humble opinion, based on being a fan of the game for over 45 years, neither one of these QB’s are WORTH an overall #1 and #2 pick.  Neither one of them are the next Peyton or Luck.  In fact neither one of these guys are of the same talent level as the 1 & 2 picks last year, Marcus Mariotta and Jameis Winston.  Both teams sacrificed so much and quite possibly gave up a lot of good draft picks just to get a franchise QB.  History says that when QB’s are the first two picks of the draft, only one will succeed and be the guy they want him to be (Ryan Leaf anyone?) .

The mystery begins at pick #3 with San Diego and that’s when the true excitement will begin.  I have no idea where the Chargers will go, Derek believes they will take Jalen Ramsey from FSU, since they have needs in that secondary, but I am not so sure.  Philip Rivers got the crap beat out of him last year and I have a hunch the Chargers may go Offensive Line to try and keep him healthy and that will be either Miles Jack or Laremy Tunsil. The fourth Pick has the most anticipation, because when Jerry Jones is involved, anything can happen.  This is where I think Ramsey should go, because the Cowboys need defensive help and Ramsey is the best FS in the draft, he is a hard hitter in the same mold as John Lynch, who SHOULD be in the HOF in the next couple of years.  They could also go with Joey Bosa from Ohio State, but either way they need to go defense.  Look for Jerry to possibly take Ezekiel Elliott, RB from OSU as he loves his offensive players.  Remember his son had to talk him off the ledge from taking Johnny Manziel two years ago.

I will stop my predictions there, simply because I never do a mock draft, I don’t get into it, because no matter who is making the predictions, they are most always wrong, and I refuse to continue that tradition.  I’ll rely mostly on my reaction when the picks happen and their impact to the team that picked them.  All in all it will be an interesting night, I will lose some sleep, the coffee will be flowing, but going into the weekend I really don’t care.  If you are tired of the big boys and their over analysis, their overblown egos, and the fact they have no clue what the hell they are talking about, you will enjoy the show tonight folks.  Please join us and be ready to provide your input and reactions as the draft progresses.